The Thor-Sized Hammer Steak That Made Its Way To A Real Menu

You might have heard of a Tomahawk Steak before, but have you ever seen a "hammer steak" so epic that it's worthy of a Norse god? The battle to produce ever more eye-popping cuts of beef has resulted in a concoction that might be worth traversing the Bifrost for.

You won't need the Bifrost to travel to the place where you can behold a beautiful hammer steak for yourself, but you will need either a boat or plane if you're in the United States. According to the Lincolnite, the butcher responsible for this unique slab of beef is located in Scunthorpe in the United Kingdom.

Britannica says that Scunthorpe is mostly known for its steelworks that the town's commerce depends upon, and for being the administrative center of Lincolnshire County. The mighty weapon-inspired steak that one butcher in the city has created might just put it on the map for steak lovers too, though.

The steak made for a Norse god

As the Lincolnite reports, the shop responsible for paying homage to the Norse god of thunder is Taylor's Family Butchers. The butcher appropriately calls their creation "Thor's Hammer." It's a massive cut that weighs just under nine pounds and is literally shaped like a hammer. Furthermore, for the equivalent of about $25, customers can acquire the bone-in delicacy for themselves, which the shop's purveyors describe as a "bone-in shin [that] is cut from the lower part" of one of the cow's legs.

Some of the best steakhouses in the U.S. know that there is value to leaving the bone in. On top of the aesthetic that makes it look like a hammer, there are benefits to preparing a steak with the bone in.

Steak School claims that the bone essentially helps with the temperature of the meat as it cooks. It not only slows the process of the meat spoiling during dry-aging, but also allows the meat to retain more of its natural water content. Thus, Steak School says, leaving the bone in makes for a fresher-tasting, juicier steak.

Thor would undoubtedly prefer a superior steak, so the bone in this hammer steak would probably help it rank among the deity's favorites for multiple reasons. For those within the service area of Taylor's Family Butchers, you can test for yourself whether this streak is truly divine.