The Best Steakhouse In Every State

While there are definitely some wonderful national steakhouse chains, there's a good chance that your favorite steakhouse is a local eatery that knows the ins and outs of the region. That knowledge of the neighborhood is very difficult for a chain restaurant to replicate. With that in mind, we researched to find the best steakhouse in each state in the country by sifting through reviews, accolades, and recommendations from various sources.

It comes as no surprise that most of these steakhouses have only one location. With that narrowed focus, mouth-watering steaks can be found at each of these 50 establishments.

With the steakhouse industry growing at a steady pace, the competition is getting stiffer — and that's great news for hungry Americans. These days, no matter where you find yourself within the 50 states, the chances are high that you're within driving distance of a delicious steakhouse that will leave you satiated and bursting with memories.

Alabama: Big Mike's Steakhouse - Multiple locations

Everything is bigger at Big Mike's Steakhouse. Their meat is so thick and hearty that you can easily share a steak meal with a loved one or even a couple of friends. From oysters to shrimp, Big Mike's Steakhouse also has a variety of seafood options. However, it's the steak that will steal your heart. It's so good that even the Alabama Cattlemen Association named it the state's best steak.

No matter where you are in Alabama, you're only a hop, skip, and a jump away from a Big Mike's Steakhouse. They have locations in Andalusia, Thomasville, Moundville, and Orange Beach.

Alaska: Club Paris - Anchorage

While quite a distance from the Eiffel Tower, Club Paris is a steakhouse in Anchorage, Alaska, with an unmistakable French aura. This top-rated eatery was originally created in the 1950s to look like a sidewalk cafe you'd find in the capital city of France.

Through the decades, Club Paris has become famous for their unforgettably juicy filet mignon that weighs in at 14 ounces and is 4-inches thick. If you're visiting this Alaskan steakhouse for the first time, the filet mignon should be your no-brainer selection from the menu.

Arizona: Durant's - Phoenix

Durant's has been a family-owned institution in the city of Phoenix for 70 years. From the moment you walk into this steakhouse, you will feel like a mafioso from the movies ready to make a power move. Beyond its old school appeal, Durant's also has fabulous steaks that you will reminisce about for days on end.

Before you leave Durant's, be sure to order from their legendary dessert menu that includes favorites ranging from creme brulee to strawberry shortcake. If you're lucky, you might snag a token that Durant's periodically hands out that gives you a lifetime's worth of free dessert.

Arkansas: The Porterhouse - Hot Springs

If you're in Arkansas and you're a carnivore to the bone, it's worth making a trip over to the city of Hot Springs. This place, with a population of less than 40,000 people, is home to The Porterhouse, the very best steakhouse in the state. Everything on the menu looks delectable, from their eponymous porterhouse that tips the scales at 22 ounces to the grilled swordfish steak. However, it's the Filet a la Oscar that really steals the show and gets talked about the most.

California: Osso Steakhouse - San Francisco

California has hundreds of steakhouses that can tempt your taste buds. But if you're searching for the best of the best, head to San Francisco and visit Osso Steakhouse. While the food isn't exactly cheap, it's worth loosening your purse strings — trust me. This isn't one of the San Francisco restaurants where you find out later that its reputation is more style over substance. At Osso Steakhouse, you get big, beautiful pieces of meat in a setting with a charming ambiance and an attentive staff.

Colorado: Shanahan's Steakhouse - Denver

If anyone knows what it takes to fill the tummy of someone with a ravenous hunger, it's a football coach. Former Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan is one of the individuals behind Shanahan's Steakhouse. While the exterior of this restaurant looks modern, the food has an old-timey goodness that has resulted in a plethora of excellent reviews.

If prime rib is your thing, head to Shanahan's Steakhouse on Sunday or Monday. On your way out, be sure to take a photo with the two Super Bowl trophies Mike Shanahan won as the coach of the Broncos.

Connecticut: Joseph's Steakhouse - Bridgeport

Joseph's Steakhouse is an award-winning restaurant located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It's the brainchild of a man named Joseph Kustra who was born in Croatia and learned the way of the steak in a couple of New York's best steakhouses. Joseph's Steakhouse is stubborn about using only high-quality meat and they specialize in gigantic steaks. For example, you can order 88 ounces worth of T-bone that should be able to feed four adults — or three if you're really hungry.

No matter what you order, you can be confident that you'll get New York City level quality of food.

Delaware: Walter's Steakhouse - Wilmington

Found in Wilmington, Delaware, Walter's Steakhouse is a family-owned eatery with an exquisite reputation. The family has been running restaurants in Wilmington for more than 75 years. The owner, John Walter Constantinou, is known to personally make sure that you enjoy each and every meal.

Whether you are in the mood for lamb chops or lobster tails, you can find it on the menu for Walter's Steakhouse. If you want a recommendation, the prime rib gets consistently high marks.

Florida: Linda's La Cantina Steakhouse - Orlando

Linda's La Cantina Steakhouse is a unique restaurant with a long and eventful history in the Orlando area. While it may look like a cafeteria when you first enter the building, there's no cafeteria food sold here — only seriously amazing steak and other items that will make your mouth water with delight.

While everything on their relatively simple menu is worth ordering, it's the La Cantina Large T-Bone that is the cream of the crop. Although Disney World has some quality restaurants, Linda's La Cantina Steakhouse is where the real magic is found.

Georgia: Hunter's Pub and Steakhouse - Hamilton

While hopefully you don't put ketchup on your steak, a great steak sauce can sometimes make all the difference. With that in mind, head to Hunter's Pub and Steakhouse in Hamilton, Georgia, if you want to get your hands on a steak sauce that is so popular that locals won't shut up about it. The sauce is made with a proprietary blend of ingredients and goes especially well with their 16-ounce rib-eye.

This steakhouse is a great place to take the family because it's affordable (as far as typical steakhouse prices go) and has a lot of yummy options for the kiddos.

Hawaii: Hy's Steak House - Honolulu

If you're ever strolling the beaches of Waikiki, you owe it to yourself to go to Hy's Steak House. This restaurant gets great reviews, with customers pointing to the seafood — specifically the Ahi Sashimi and the Pistachio-Crusted Scallops — as the must-try items on the menu. Hy's Steak House has been around for in excess of four decades and is famous for its classy fine-dining experience.

If you're on a budget, at least try one of this steakhouse's glorious desserts. From pastries to dessert wines, they have the perfect something to end your evening on a sweet note.

Idaho: Stockman's Restaurant - Idaho Falls

Located near the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Stockman's Restaurant is a steakhouse that offers gigantic portions at very fair prices. Their Mediterranean Ribeye is particularly exciting. It's a 16-ounce rib-eye that is smothered with alfredo sauce, mushrooms, and parmesan cheese and then topped with shrimp. It sounds a bit odd but it's actually wonderful. Even if you don't have a courageous palate, it's worth a try.

While Stockman's Restaurant is a casual steakhouse, your taste buds will think you're spending top dollar.

Illinois: Beelow's Steakhouse - Lake Zurich

While Chicago is most definitely a food town with its own traditions and a lot of outstanding steakhouses, you need to go about 45 miles away to the city of Lake Zurich to find the best steakhouse in Illinois. Beelow's Steakhouse has roots that date back to the 1920s and reviewers are almost universally in love. On their menu, Beelow's Steakhouse gives you hints about what you should pick by pointing out their favorites. These favorites include a 24-ounce bone-in ribe-eye, baby back pork ribs, and BBQ bacon burger.

Indiana: St. Elmo Steak House - Indianapolis

St. Elmo Steak House is iconic. This Indianapolis restaurant has been in the same downtown location since 1902. While its exterior is aesthetically-pleasing enough to tempt you to visit, it's the amazing food that you will cherish in your memories. St. Elmo Steak House has nearly flawless reviews, with many visitors claiming it's the best steakhouse anywhere in the entire world.

While this eatery has plenty of steak options on their menu, splurge for one of the prime dry-aged steaks. Though these steaks are more expensive, you won't regret spending the extra dough.

Iowa: Iowa Beef Steakhouse - Des Moines

At Iowa Beef Steakhouse, you can watch an expert prepare your steak on a grill while you ready your taste buds for an amazing meal. As the name of the restaurant suggests, they only use beef from Iowa. The prices of everything made on the grill are very reasonable with entrees starting at around $15, and the choices range from Teriyaki Sirloin to BBQ Pork Ribs.

Iowa Beef Steakhouse also has a highly-praised salad bar and a very affordable lunch menu.

Kansas: Van's Steakhouse - Baxter Springs

While the tiny town of Baxter Springs, Kansas, is home to less than 5,000 people, be sure to make a detour to this blip on the map if you're ever in the area. Van's Steakhouse in Baxter Springs is the best steakhouse in Kansas — and it's not particularly close. Their rib-eye steak gets good grades for its size and its freshness. Van's Steakhouse also has a Smokey Mesquite Sirloin that has caused a lot of attention to be focused on this hole in the wall steakhouse.

Kentucky: Blue Heron Steakhouse - Lexington

If you're tired of old and stuffy steakhouses, hop on over to Lexington, Kentucky, and visit Blue Heron Steakhouse. This locally-owned steakhouse is proud of its chic and cozy vibe. Reviews not only appreciate the atmosphere but also the delicious meat, the tasty sides, and their impressive array of cocktails. Be sure to start off with a yummy appetizer like Chargrilled Louisiana style Oysters or Jumbo Lump Crab Cake before trying the NY strip with peppercorn brandy sauce. 

Louisiana: Superior's Steakhouse - Shreveport

If you're in Shreveport, Louisiana, you may be surprised when you walk into Superior's Steakhouse because it's unlike any other steakhouse in the area. Unlike the local competition, Superior's Steakhouse is modeled after elegant and upscale restaurants found in Chicago. However, once you look at the menu, you'll be pleased to see the Louisiana influence, as this fantastic restaurant has local favorites like Louisiana Crawfish Cornbread and New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp. But of everything on their menu, it's their dry-aged rib-eye that gets talked about the most.

Maine: The Steakhouse - Wells

You know that a steakhouse is confident in its food when they give themselves the name "The Steakhouse." And, as it turns out, this restaurant in Wells, Maine, has every right to be extremely confident. While the food is reasonably priced, The Steakhouse doesn't cut any corners. They have an ambitious menu with everything from steaks and ribs to Italian offerings such as chicken marsala, and reviewers can't get enough. Be warned that The Steakhouse can get really busy — but, even if you have to wait, it's worth the hassle.

Maryland: Lewnes' Steakhouse - Annapolis

Lewnes' Steakhouse is a romantic restaurant located in Annapolis, Maryland. With a history that dates back decades and the lovely decor to match, you'll be thrilled with Lewnes' Steakhouse before you even take your first bite of food. That said, once you dig into the food, your love will only multiply. You'd be hard-pressed to find a steakhouse with better reviews than this place. From the Veal Chop to the Broiled Atlantic Salmon Filet and everything in between, the food at Lewnes' Steakhouse is adored.

Massachusetts: Mooo - Boston

Get it? The restaurant is called Mooo because of the sound that cows make. But don't let the corny name fool you, Mooo is a spectacular steakhouse. Although it's a relatively new restaurant (it was opened in 2007) it is already making waves that can be felt from coast to coast. In fact, it was named as one of the best steakhouses in the nation and it wholeheartedly deserved that honor. The Japanese A5 Wagyu Sirloin will blow your mind and is worth every penny.

Michigan: Bowdie's Chophouse - Multiple locations

Bowdie's Chophouse has three locations in Michigan and all three are fully capable of knocking your socks off. Another new kid on the block, the first restaurant was launched in 2014. It didn't take long before people from all across the state were stopping by to taste the food at this outstanding steakhouse. While a lot of goodies on the menu may catch your eye, the filet mignon is undoubtedly the most popular dinner option.

You can find Bowdie's Chophouse in Saugatuck, Lansing, and East Grand Rapids.

Minnesota: Manny's Steakhouse - Minneapolis

While the prices on the menu will make you do a double-take, Manny's Steakhouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a place where true fans of eating steak should plan to visit. The quality of the food here will take your breath away. Be sure to ask to see their meat cart so that you can get an idea of what you're ordering. The portion sizing can sometimes be overwhelming so be prepared to share if it comes down to it. Then again, everything tastes so good that you won't be bashful about hogging it all for yourself.

Mississippi: Marshall Steakhouse - Holly Springs

Marshall Steakhouse brags about being voted as Mississippi's best steakhouse by the Mississippi Beef Council and the Food Network. While that may sound braggadocious, this restaurant is simply spreading the truth. Reviewers agree that this is a great restaurant.

Fans of Man v. Food and Adam Richman may just want to consider taking on the Marshall Challenge. If you finish a 72-ounce sirloin, your meal is free. However, if you fail, it will set you back $99. Either way, your taste buds will be thrilled.

Missouri: Matt's Steakhouse - Rolla

While the atmosphere at Matt's Steakhouse is laid-back and you'd never confuse it for a fancy eatery, the tasty food will catch your attention. While the steak is as good as you'd expect from a steakhouse on this list, don't miss out on the chicken.

Matt's Steakhouse is in a small town called Rolla, Missouri. It's about halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis, so you really have no excuse to miss out on this steakhouse the next time you're in Missouri.

Montana: Lolo Creek Steak House - Lolo

Montana knows a thing or two about beef and Lolo Creek Steak House is considered the best steakhouse in the state for good reasons. The portions are large and obviously crafted with care. The service here also gets impeccable marks. Whether you go with the Alaskan King Crab Legs or the huge Montana Steak, you are sure to leave this restaurant completely satisfied.

Lolo Creek Steak House is located in a hand-built log cabin in the city of Lolo, which is just outside of Missoula.

Nebraska: Round the Bend Steakhouse - Ashland

In Ashland, Nebraska, you can find the state's ultimate steakhouse. It's called Round the Bend Steakhouse and while it's located in the middle of nowhere, their amazing steaks make it worth the drive. From the satisfying grill marks to the magnificent taste, all your senses will be overjoyed.

Since 1993, Round the Bend Steakhouse has held something called the Testicle Festival that includes a Ball Eating Contest. It features live music and it actually looks like a fun time.

Nevada: Golden Steer Steakhouse - Las Vegas

If you're in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada, a trip to the Golden Steer Steakhouse should be on your to-do list. Even if you're busy gambling and watching shows, don't miss out on this one of a kind steakhouse. When you first walk in, you'll immediately realize you're taking a trip back in time to Old Vegas.

Visually, this steakhouse is dignified and sophisticated. Once your plate of food is in front of you, your appreciation for the Golden Steer Steakhouse will only increase. From the Shorthorn to the Double Cut Lamb Chops, everything looks and tastes phenomenal.

New Hampshire: Buckley's Great Steaks - Merrimack

Buckley's Great Steak gets superlative reviews, with excited customers pointing specifically to the high quality of the waitstaff, the atmosphere, and, of course, the food. While this restaurant looks like a regular house from the outside, there's nothing regular about what you'll be eating for dinner.

Located in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Buckley's Great Steaks is owned by a husband and wife duo who have successfully reached their goal of serving great steaks at fair prices.

New Jersey: Rare, The Steak House - Little Falls

In the small township of Little Falls, New Jersey, stands a big name in the world of restaurants: Rare, The Steak House. This steakhouse is known for the way they've perfected the art of cooking steak exactly to your specifications. And, don't worry, despite the name of this eatery, you don't have to order your steak rare. If you like your meat bloody, that's great — but they are also fully capable of preparing your steak exactly how you want it.

Rare, The Steakhouse is proud of being voted New Jersey's best steakhouse.

New Mexico: La Ventana Steakhouse - Grants

You might not expect a steakhouse to be the place where you can find great Mexican food. But at La Ventana Steakhouse in Grants, New Mexico, that's exactly what you can expect. This restaurant is a great choice if you want a typical steakhouse experience with a memorable steak and a glass of wine. But it's also a fantastic option for those who want enchiladas or other types of Mexican food.

While La Ventana Steakhouse isn't too sexy from the outside, you'll find that it's a classy restaurant and the presentation of the food is impressive.

New York: Peter Luger Steak House - Brooklyn and Great Neck

Is Peter Luger Steak House the best steak house in the United States? That very well could be the case. At the very least, it's the best steakhouse in the state of New York. With a history that dates back to the 1880s, Peter Luger Steak House has earned a Michelin Star and has routinely been rated as the best steakhouse in the area. While you'll pay a pretty penny at this restaurant, it's totally justifiable.

Peter Luger Steak House has two locations, one in Brooklyn and the other in Great Neck.

North Carolina: Vinnie's Steak House and Tavern - Raleigh

North Carolina is home to many prominent steakhouses but it's Vinnie's Steak House and Tavern that stands out from the pack. If snobby steakhouses aren't your thing, this is a restaurant you will love. The atmosphere is relaxed and allows you to eat your wonderful cut of meat and drink your glass of wine in peace. Beyond wine, this tavern also has whiskeys, scotches, martinis, and, yes, beers that will kick your dining experience up a notch or two.

North Dakota: The Ranch Steakhouse - Devils Lake

There's a super cool story behind The Ranch Steakhouse. Back in 1946, Loyd Engh and his wife Maxine converted an old barn into a steakhouse. Over the years, the excellent reputation of this restaurant drew in customers from miles around. Despite its growth in popularity and prestige, this restaurant still looks like an old barn. But don't let the rustic look throw you for a loop, this steakhouse in Devils Lake, North Dakota, serves fancy food that will keep your taste buds entertained.

Ohio: Lock Sixteen Steakhouse - Lima

North of the city of Columbus you'll find Lima, Ohio, the town where the best steakhouse in the state can be found. The key to Lock Sixteen Steakhouse is the value. When it comes to getting a great piece of meat at a fair price, you can't beat this place. From BBQ ribs to filet mignon, the menu at Lock Sixteen Steakhouse is packed with great deals. This family-owned restaurant also has unique burgers that are worth a try, including the Fry Daddy Burger that incorporates fried pickles and horseradish sauce.

Oklahoma: Cattlemen's Steakhouse - Oklahoma City

Oklahomans are very serious about their meat. In fact, this state is one of the leading producers of cattle per acre. A bad steakhouse in Oklahoma won't last long. If you ask the locals for their top choice, you'll hear a lot about Cattlemen's Steakhouse. This restaurant gets first-class reviews thanks to its gigantic portions and tasty meat.

Cattlemen's Steakhouse must be doing something right because they've been around since 1910 and were named as the winner of the best steak by the Oklahoma Gazette.

Oregon: RingSide Steakhouse - Portland

RingSide Steakhouse has been the go-to steakhouse in Portland, Oregon, for more than 75 years. Despite the fact that it's been around for so long, this restaurant isn't stuffy at all. Instead, it offers a comfortable atmosphere and food that can compare to any steakhouse in the United States. This long-time favorite in Portland shows no signs of slowing down.

In addition to their food, their wine selection has drawn further recognition to RingSide Steakhouse.

Pennsylvania: 1700 Degrees Steakhouse - Harrisburg

Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1700 Degrees Steakhouse is a name that is as hot as it sounds. After their grand reopening in 2014, their reviews have improved to the point that it's now without question the best steakhouse in Pennsylvania. From their Colossal Shrimp Cocktail to their New York Strip, and from their Truffle Lobster Mac 'n Cheese to their Atlantic Salmon, you're sure to find something on their menu that will draw you in.

Rhode Island: Mill's Tavern - Providence

When you're in Rhode Island, there's no doubt that the best steakhouse can be found in the city of Providence. The challenge comes when picking out the best of the best. While there are definitely a number of worthy contenders, Mill's Tavern reigns supreme. People love everything about this steakhouse. From steaks (try the 16oz All-Natural Niman Ranch Ribeye) to seafood (try the Miso Glazed Atlantic Swordfish Medallions), their selection impresses. Mill's Tavern has also won awards for their collection of wines.

South Carolina: Carolina Restaurant - Chesterfield

Talk about unassuming. Carolina Restaurant is a fantastic steakhouse hiding in a brick building. If you've never heard of this place, it'd be easy to drive right by it without giving it a second thought. But from the friendly employees to the steaks, the reviews simply couldn't be much better. In fact, many reviewers say Carolina Restaurant is the home of the best steaks anywhere in the area.

This steakhouse won't break the budget. Carolina Restaurant is located in Chesterfield, South Carolina, which is about an hour south of Charlotte.

South Dakota: Dakotah Steakhouse - Rapid City

Tucked away in Rapid City, South Dakota, is a steakhouse that deserves to get national attention. You'll know when you make it to Dakotah Steakhouse (note the extra "h") when you see their iconic buffalo. While this restaurant makes it clear that their specialty is steak, they also have extremely unique choices like Walleye Fingers and Elk Ravioli. Sure, you can't go wrong with their meat, but getting something like a walleye dish at Dakotah Steakhouse is also really tempting.

Tennessee: The Butcher Shop Steakhouse - Memphis

For nearly 40 years, The Butcher Shop Steakhouse has been a must-visit destination just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, in the city of Cordova. All the beef they use in this restaurant is grain-fed and it is all barbecued over a bed of charcoal. Their results are dependably delicious.

If you want to do your own grilling, the cool thing about The Butcher Shop Steakhouse is they will sell you high-quality cuts of meat directly. While it will be difficult to match the high bar set by this restaurant when it comes to steak preparation, you can give it a try.

Texas: Taste of Texas - Houston

Texas is a huge state with almost an unlimited number of tremendous steakhouses. This is a state of cattle experts who can't eat enough meat, so you can't go too far without running into another restaurant that offers steak on the menu. But it's in Houston where you will discover the steakhouse that has no rival: Taste of Texas. Despite high traffic and an unquenchable demand, Taste of Texas gets absurdly high reviews. Happy customers point to the Tomahawk Ribeye and Steamed Lobster Tail as two of this restaurant's specialties.

Utah: Grub Steak - Park City

When you hear the name Grub Steak, you might be grossed out. And that's completely fair because that's an unappetizing moniker. However, give this steakhouse a chance. It's located in Park City, Utah, a ritzy resort town in the mountains. As beautiful as the surroundings may be, the food is even better. When your dinner hits your table, you will be amazed by the presentation and the quality. As for a recommendation, the Bison Tenderloin is amazing. It's wrapped in bacon and will have you dreaming about it days after finishing your meal.

Vermont: Southside Steakhouse - Rutland

In Rutland, Vermont, you'll find a charming eatery called Southside Steakhouse. While most steakhouses on this list have a number of different things you can order off of their menu, Southside Steakhouse is a place where you should only order one item. They have other good food, mind you, but nothing compares to their Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye. Southside Steakhouse dry ages their steak on site for at least three weeks. The result is one of the finest pieces of meat you've ever eaten.

Virginia: Piedmont Steakhouse - Culpeper

You've probably never heard of Culpeper, Virginia, but this town is a place where all steak lovers should go at least once. Piedmont Steakhouse serves beautiful food that is extraordinarily tasty. Located in a brick building that is more than 120 years old, this restaurant gets outstanding reviews.

If you're in Washington DC and you're searching for a steakhouse, this place is worth the drive. It's a little more than an hour away by car but it's absolutely worthy of a road trip.

Washington: Churchill's Steakhouse - Spokane

You're going to adore your dinner at Churchill's Steakhouse. Since they opened their doors in downtown Spokane, Washington, in 2007, they've been met with a flurry of positive reviews. No matter what you order — from the Braised Beef Tips with Mushroom Risotto to the Stuffed Free Range Chicken with Herbes de Provence — you won't be disappointed.

Even though it's a bit hidden away in Spokane, Churchill's Steakhouse can get extremely busy so this is one place where reservations are highly recommended.

West Virginia: Prime 44 West - White Sulphur Springs

NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West is pretty much a god in West Virginia, where he was born, raised, and went to college. Prime 44 West was created to honor the basketball legend — and it successfully does just that.

Not only is Prime 44 West easily the best steakhouse in West Virginia, but it has also even been named the best restaurant, period, in the entire state. This eatery is located in The Greenbrier, a luxury resort with jaw-dropping mountain views that is popular with celebs from around the world.

Wisconsin: Milwaukee Steakhouse - Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a city that loves its steak. If you're searching for the best steakhouse, the answer is as simple as the name. Milwaukee Steakhouse is a no-frills restaurant that cherishes the fact that they offer a relaxed dining experience. If you visit, you won't think it's anything special — until the food arrives. That's when you will know you have made the right choice. The steak is as tender as any meat that you can find anywhere and Milwaukee Steakhouse's reviews are consistently great.

Wyoming: Gun Barrel - Jackson

Gun Barrel in Jackson, Wyoming, is everything you'd expect it to be if you judge it by the name. The steakhouse is decorated with shotguns, cowboys, buffalo, and eagles. The fun continues when you take a look at the menu and see options such as Venison Bratwurst, Bison Carpaccio, and Velvet Elk.

The highly-rated restaurant is close to both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, so be sure to stop by this steakhouse if you're ever in the neighborhood.