Padma Lakshmi Thinks This Kitchen Hack Is Just Peachy

Justin Bieber may get his peaches down in Georgia, but does he know the cool kitchen hack that has Padma Lakshmi's seal of approval? If you are a fan of this sweet, juicy fruit, then you are probably enjoying this time of the year, when peaches are in season and at their sweetest. According to The Peach Truck, from May to September peaches are prime for picking and eating. Whether you use them to make a 3-ingredient peach cobbler, a pie, or throw these meaty fruits on the grill and serve them with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with some hot honey, there is one absolute peach truth — you are going to have to remove the pit.

Peaches are a stone fruit, which as the Pioneer Woman explains, means they have a "stone" or pit in the center that contains the seed. The classic way to remove the pit of a peach, per the Spruce Eats, is simply to insert a knife into the fuzzy skin until it hits the stone and then to slice around the entirety of the fruit until you are left with two halves. At this point, you easily remove the pit, by pulling out the pit. Well, there is another method floating around social media and Lakshmi thinks it's just peachy.

You'll need some pliers for your peach

Padma Lakshmi put the peaches and pliers TikTok hack to the test and found it works! The "Top Chef" host posted a video of herself removing a peach pit with pliers, leaving 45,600 viewers in awe. This peach pit removal method requires you to insert a clean pair of needle nose pliers into the top of the peach — where the stem once was. Lakshmi demonstrates in the video, getting the pliers firmly around the peach pit. Then with a turn of the pliers, she pulls it out of the fruit.

Her viewers were clearly impressed with the ease of this peach pit removal trick with one enthusiastically proclaiming, "I'm trying it! I have it saved on TikToK. genius!" While another confessed, "OK, I'm literally heading out to get a set of needle-nose pliers that are JUST for Peach Pit removal!!! Lol, thank you!!!" We're right behind this one. And still, others were loving how the celebrity chef shushed those in the background with one fan writing, "I need Padma to shush me before I die that was iconic." 

The beauty of this hack is you don't have to slice the peach in half to get the pit and it seems a bit less messy, too. When trying it, however, make sure you never throw the pit down your kitchen drain.