The Summer Snack Andrew Zimmern Just Can't Get Behind

Americans love to eat a little something to satiate their appetites, healthy snacks or otherwise. According to SWNS Digital, a study revealed that 69% of us always have some type of on-the-go food tucked away in our handbags or backpacks. And when that snack attack hits, 56% of us have a need for the savory and reach for potato chips while 55% of go for the tried and true chocolate to meet our in-between meal needs and hankerings. To wit, we spend a lot of money on our favorite chips, trail mixes, granola bars, and candy bars which accounts for the ever-growing snack market, which was valued at $1,450.4 billion in 2021 (via Grandview Research).

Snacking hits us all. Andrew Zimmern may be an award-winning chef, but he's no stranger to snack foods. He has his favorite must-have products to nibble on when the munchies hit. On an episode of Snacked, Zimmern shared the tried and true snacks that keep him going when he is traveling abroad (via YouTube). In China, he likes to crunch on spicy peanuts and savory dried plums. When he heads to Japan, Kit Kats are a go-to, and when he travels to Mexico, Chipileta Mix Lollipops that come with a hot chili candy powder are on the celebrity chef's list of favorite foods to snack on. But despite being open to new foods, there is one summer snack the "Bizarre Foods" host simply cannot get behind.

It's a campfire favorite

In an episode of "Go Fork Yourself," Andrew Zimmern chatted with author Molly Mogren. Mogren unenthusiastically revealed that snacks inspired by s'mores are about to come at consumers fast and hard, and Zimmern had a one-word answer, "Gross." Yep, he was completely unimpressed by what is purported to be the next snack food trend. Zimmern went on to share that he doesn't like s'mores made with chocolate. If you are crying "Sacrilege!" we are with you. However, he explained the real rub he has with a s'more is when you use "cheap Hershey's chocolate" to make them.  

Instead, Zimmern told Mogren he has a different take on this summertime snack that is a staple of campfire cookouts and late-night barbecues. He prefers to make his s'mores with peanut butter, and the spicy variety at that (via YouTube). And if you don't have spicey peanut butter tucked away in your pantry, he suggests using layering some hot honey onto your peanut butter before adding a scorched marshmallow to this graham cracker sandwich.

And Zimmern isn't buying the s'mores snack trend. He told Mogren he has seen more mash-ups lining grocery store shelves than he has s'mores. Zimmern also said that out of the mash-up snacks being sold, he would love to try the Ritz cracker, peanut butter, Oreo snack that is currently sold out.