Insomnia Cookies Has Big News For Ice Cream Lovers

Insomnia Cookies first hit the scene with the intention of providing hoards of grateful university students with a midnight sugar rush. However, after the company went commercial it seemed to scratch America's extremely prevalent cookie itch as most people from the United States are said to devour up to 35,000 cookies throughout their lives (per The South Florida Reporter). Insomnia Cookies' wide array of flavors and uniquely late hours of operation have forced familiar brands (like Great American Cookie) to move over and accept that there is another cookie-selling giant in town.

Some may argue that there may only be one combination that can match the magic of desserts and nighttime — and that's cookies and ice cream. The people behind Insomnia Cookies have made it clear that they are well aware of cookie enthusiasts' passion for combining the two desserts. The brand sells "whiches," a treat made by squeezing ice cream between two cookies, and offers boxes that come with customers' choice of ice cream to provide its fans with the classic pairing they crave. However, Insomnia Cookies has now made a move that has majorly upgraded its ice cream game.

Some can prepare to dip into Insomnia Cookies' new ice cream

Ordering at Insomnia Cookies may be some ice cream fans' new summer night routine. According to a press release, Insomnia Cookies has added exclusive ice cream to its list of products. Known as Cookies IN Ice Cream, Insomnia Cookies' brand-produced ice cream consists of its widely-adored cookies combined with its own ice cream recipe. The release includes eight new flavors, including Moon Tracks, which is made of Deluxe Peanut Butter Cup cookies infused with vanilla pudding ice cream, and MinterStellar, which is comprised of Double Chocolate Mint cookies in an equally as peppermint-like ice cream.

At the moment, the press release indicates Insomnia Cookies lovers can only find these enticing ice cream flavors in a limited number of Mid-Atlantic locations. However, the company does aim to eventually expand its ice cream to all (220+) locations nationwide soon.

The release of Cookies IN Ice Cream is only Insomnia Cookies' most recent splash into this year's summer fun. In May, the company announced a new confectionary cookie collection inspired by flavors you'll find at the state fair. Caramel Corn and Deluxe Stuffed Churro, two of the flavors featured in the state fair lineup, sound like some fun flavors to pair with the brand's new ice cream — if you can get your hands on it.