You Missed The Boys' Karen Fukuhara In This Taco Bell Commercial

Actress Karen Fukuhara has been a star on the rise for quite some time now. Originally breaking out on the scene with her performance as the sword-swinging Katana in the 2016 action film "Suicide Squad," she's made a name for herself in Hollywood playing tough characters with spectacular fighting abilities. Fun Fact: According to Vogue she really does know martial arts! 

Since 2019, she's become known for her role in the Amazon Prime superhero thriller series "The Boys" as 'Kimiko,' a silent assassin with incredible super strength. The role has propelled the actor to superstardom, earning her a fan favorite award from IMDb.

Amid all the buzz for the latest season of the show, Fukuhara fans are just now discovering they may have missed one particular credit to the actress's roster of superhero roles: Rei, the anime warrior for Taco Bell. Per Techno Trenz, in 2021 the star offered her voice talents to an anime-themed trailer of a "Live Mas" production called "Fry Force," which celebrated the return of the chain's highly coveted, cult-favorite Nacho Fries. The trailer — which is practically an entire movie in itself — follows Rei as she fights against monsters that have descended upon earth in pursuit of taking the salty, cheese snacks from the people.

Fukuhara shared the ad in an Instagram post last summer, revealing her role in the caption. "Yes, really, @TacoBell made an anime-inspired trailer. Yes, it's for Nacho Fries. And yes, that's my voice as Rei," she wrote.

Fukuhara played a hero fighting for Nacho Fries

Although the epic Nacho Fry ad might seem a bit over-the-top, many fans are absolutely loving it — particularly Fukuhara's performance as the anime heroine. "I just want you to know... the energy that you gave this performance, I would WATCH this show, this movie," remarked one user in the comments of the post.

Based on some reactions, the demand for a "Fry Force" film to become a reality may be as high as the demand for the actual nacho fries themselves. "We need this as an actual anime plz," declared one follower in the comments, while others tagged both Netflix and Taco Bell. Some shared that they were simply delighted to hear Fukuhara's voice. For those who are unaware, per CBR, her character on "The Boys" communicates exclusively in sign language, which has long left many fans totally unaware of what the actress sounds like — until now. 

Although there's been no word from Taco Bell on whether there will be a follow-up to the trailer, it doesn't seem the possibility is off the table for Fukuhara. Under her Instagram post sharing the ad, she asked followers, "Does anyone else feel compelled to follow Rei's story?"