MOOYAH Has A National French Fry Day Prize For Potato Lovers

Wednesday, July 13, marks National French Fry Day in 2022, and what better way to celebrate than by sleeping inside a giant potato? Literally. That's the question the folks at MOOYAH pondered, and when they couldn't come up with anything better, they decided to partner with the Idaho Potato Commission for a celebratory sweepstakes involving the Big Idaho Potato Hotel.

MOOYAH restaurants, per their website, are known for their signature french fries that undergo a 24-hour, six-step prepping process that requires washing, cutting, rinsing, agitating, and then double-frying the potatoes before they're enjoyed by patrons. Accordingly, the company has a strong association with potatoes, explaining its desire to make a grand gesture for National French Fry Day. Until July 31, potato fans can enter to win a two-night, three-day stay at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel located in Boise, Idaho, with airfare and transportation included, according to a press release published on Restaurant News. Simply head to the sweepstakes website, share your name and email address, and hit "Submit" to enter.

What is the Big Idaho Potato Hotel? According to the Idaho Potato Commission, the building is a 28-foot long, 11.5-foot tall "potato" made from steel, plaster, and concrete that weighs six tons. The structure was originally a promotional fixture that traveled around the continental U.S. — until it was entrusted to staff member and tiny house expert Kristie Wolfe, who decided to turn it into a hotel.

What's it like to stay in a giant potato?

Over on Airbnb, you can peruse photos of the potato hotel — which, from the outside, looks like, well, a giant dirty potato. Inside, though, are a queen-sized bed, stylish arm chairs, a coffee bar, and record player. There's even an antler chandelier, and everything is adorned in shades of beige and dusty pink. Per a YouTube video produced by Offbeat Overnights, the separate, luxurious bathroom is located in a silo just steps away from the potato, and it has a tub with a bath salts bar, separate shower, sink, and toilet. Guests will also meet Dolly, the hotel's very own cow, who lives on the grounds.

But do people actually like staying in this giant potato? Overwhelmingly, yes, if 519 reviews and 4.88 stars on Airbnb have anything to say about it. "Aside from the novelty that you are staying in a POTATO, the inside and the bathroom are a dream!" wrote guest Brandy in the reviews, while guest Olivia chimed in, "This little potato and Dolly exceeded all our expectations! There were so many extra touches that made this potato so wonderful."