The Outrageous Subway Order That Left An Employee Horrified

There's nothing quite like walking into Subway and building a sandwich just the way you want it. With more ingredients than you can wrap your head around, as well as bread options ranging from Italian Herbs and Cheese to Multi-grain Flatbread, Subway's customizable business model puts the power of building the perfect sandwich right into the customer's hands. As the popular saying goes, though, this much power should come with at least a little bit of responsibility...right?

One former employee claims that, as you probably guessed, this isn't always the case with creative minds. Per Subway's official website, the brand's guiding principles state that employees should "always provide exceptional service to valued guests," "offer high-quality, flavorful menu options at a great value," and "never stop evolving to improve the Subway brand." Nowhere does it say that workers should deny an overly imaginative customer the order of their dreams. Such accommodating guidelines are likely why one former Subway employee had to make this unforgettable sandwich.

'It haunts my nightmares,' the employee says about this cheesy sub

On the morning of Monday, July 11, one former Subway employee decided to share on Twitter the most questionable sandwich they ever created at work. "It haunts my nightmares," the post read. "I sincerely worry about the person who ordered it." Per the post, the story started around dinnertime, when a group of high school-aged kids came into the shop. The second girl in the group ordered a Footlong on white bread, untoasted with double provolone and double American cheese. This didn't seem too strange to the employee — until the customer requested no meat, no vegetables, and no sauce other than ranch.

"Now I'm not denying people who have the taste buds of a toddler the privilege of watching your sandwich come together before your very eyes behind a curved pane of glass covered with the fingerprints and sneezes of those who came before them. They deserve Subway too," the post read. And the employee's mentality continued as such, even as the order became increasingly strange.

This customer wanted an unfathomable amount of ranch

The Subway customer's desired final touch? Ranch dressing — and lots of it. The employee recalled that she put "two lines" of the condiment on the sandwich, doubling the quantity multiple times as the customer asked for more. "At this point the cheese, the only other thing on the bread, is nearly obscured," the story continued, and the customer became "irritated" that the employee wasn't adding ranch at a faster rate.

"I'll tell you when to stop," the customer said. The worker squirted out more and more ranch until it began to seep out of the bread. "I feel like that waiter in the cartoons who is never told 'when' as he grates fresh parmesan onto someone's pasta. The plate is just a mound of grated cheese. The table is covered in cheese. The room fills with cheese. But my room is filled with ranch dressing," she remembered.

After that, the unthinkable happened. Just as the entire bottle of ranch ran out, the customer asked, "Do you have another?" The author of the tweet kept adding the condiment until the customer approved of the amount, denied salt or pepper, "paid for that monstrosity and then sat down and ate with her friends, seemingly without incident."

If this horrendous (and hilarious) story proves anything, it's that your sandwich artist at Subway is probably more patient than you think. Next time you order, then, you might not have to feel so annoying asking for "more" — unless you ask for the one sandwich Subway employees wish you'd never order, that is.