The Shark Week Food Creation That's Blazing TikTok

Whether you're huddling around a football-shaped cake with friends for a viewing of the Super Bowl or celebrating the finale of your favorite show with appropriately themed snacks, TV-watching parties need two things: fun and food. TikTok, of course, is one of the best places to find TV-influenced treat inspiration. For example, when "Stranger Things" returned to the small screen for its fourth season this May, per Netflix, countless TikTok videos gave fans watch-party meal ideas, like user @remyaroundtheworld's Demogorgon-shaped pizza.

Now, people are beginning to search TikTok for snacks inspired by the next watch party-worthy event of the summer: Shark Week. However, in a sea of videos showcasing everything from shark dips to shark Jell-O cups, those gearing up for the seven-day special that has earned the honor of being television's "longest-running programming event," per NPR, have found that they simply can't wait to take a bite out of one TikTok's more special shark-inspired snacks. Move over, Sonic's Shark Week slush, as a new blue sweet is making waves this summer.

You'll be on the top of the food chain with TikTok's Shark Week push pops

Food Network's TikTok account, @foodnetwork, has posted a video that walks users through making jiggly shark pops, or gelatin push pops that look like their own miniature shark-infested oceans, topped with whipped cream. The treat is made from pound cake, which creates the sand; blue candy melts and white nonpareils, which make up the waves; Nerds, which act as the coral; gelatin mix, which represents the ocean; and, of course, gummy sharks.

The video has made a splash on TikTok, racking up 2.6 million views and more than 300,000 likes. Commenters expressed their excitement over the Shark Week-inspired snack. "Oh dang now I need these," said one user, while others offered ideas for alternate ways to make the recipe. One suggested making the treat a little more adult, posting, "add some vodka and grenadine."

The recipe for jiggly shark pops is available on the Food Network's website. According to Discovery, Shark Week begins July 24 and will be available on its television network and streaming service Discovery+, so you'll have a little time to practice making this elaborate hit of a TikTok snack before your watch party.