You're Going To Need A Bigger Cup For Sonic's Shark Week Slush

Sonic Drive-In has plenty of tasty options to choose from, but let's face it, some of its best menu items fall under the drink category. According to Restaurant Clicks, one of Sonic's most popular drinks include the Cherry Limeade, a mix of Sprite, lime, cherry flavoring, cherries, and ice. Sonic sells a massive amount of Cherry Limeade each year, enough to fill approximately 15 Olympic-sized pools. But that's just one of the potentially 1,063,953 drink combinations you can order when you factor in all the fountain drinks, slushes, juices, syrups, and toppings available (via Thrillist).

In July 2021, Sonic introduced another drink: a limited-time-only slush in honor of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week. This Shark Week-inspired slush turned heads with its bright blue color, strawberry topping, and garnish of gummy sharks. Fortunately for fans of both Sonic and Shark Week, the Shark Slush is returning just in time for the summer — and you may need a bigger cup to enjoy.

This slush will keep you out of the water

Sonic's Shark Week Slush is arriving early this year on June 27, with a medium-sized slush costing $2.99 (via Chew Boom). Discovery's Shark Week kicks off July 24, and the drink will only be available until the end of July. According to Brand Eating, like last year, this blue slush has a coconut-flavored base, strawberries, and gummy sharks.

After one Sonic fan posted about the drink's return on Facebook, hundreds of others shared their excitement. Many people proclaimed their plans to immediately head to the nearest Sonic, while others said that their kids would love the slush — do they know what the strawberry represents?

Another person wrote, "Thank God it's back! My dentist was on the verge of losing his job." Whether that user meant to or not, it's a helpful reference to how much sugar you'll consume when you drink a Sonic slush. A small slush contains 64 grams of sugar, per Sonic's website, and packs 270 calories. You'll certainly want to plan the rest of your day's sugar intake around the Shark Slush, but hey, at least it'll keep you cool and refreshed — and on shore.