The Ivana Trump Arby's Commercial You Forgot Existed

Ivana Trump was at her peak celebrity status in the 1990's. After her divorce with former President Donald Trump in 1992, she was the subject of media coverage and brand partnerships. Most of the coverage and fame was because of her messy divorce, but she ultimately became an idol for divorced women everywhere. She made it a part of who she and even made appearances on screen, like her iconic "The First Wives Club" cameo in 1996, embracing the whole image.

With the recent passing of Ivana Trump, there has been a lot of talk about her life, her successes and who she was, from her time growing up in Czechoslovakia to becoming a businesswoman and mother. Old coverage and cameos have resurfaced, including a Pizza Hut stuffed crust ad from 1995 featuring her with her ex-husband. But another commercial has reappeared that you've likely forgotten about, featuring Ivana Trump in a 1998 Arby's ad for the holiday season.

Ivana gets the gold

Following the death of Ivana Trump (via ABC News), her past appearances on screen have reemerged across the news and internet. One oft-forgotten commercial she was in was for Arby's, promoting its iconic Winter tulip stemware collection. She starts the ad with a quick dig at her previous marriage to former President Donald Trump — as she usually did in the 90's. "You don't have to be married to a millionaire to entertain in style during the holidays," Ivana Trump says, before describing Arby's seasonal glassware. The stemware had tulip shaped bowls, 22-karat gold rims, and featured different designs of winter trees.

While you can get seasonal merchandise from Arby's online, like bathing suits featuring Beef n' Cheddar sandwiches, back in 1998, this glassware could only be purchased for 99 cents with every soft drink purchase. The glasses are now considered "vintage" and can be found on websites like eBay if you're in the market for the unique drinking glasses. Just know that you'll pay something closer to $15 instead of the original price, but it's still a great deal. And just as Ivana Trump says in the commercial, "you get the gold and you don't need a husband."