The Sweetest Food Moment From 2022's Emmy-Nominated Shows

Movies have the ability to capture the feelings and atmosphere of a specific moment in a way that brings about warm, fuzzy feelings in the viewer, especially when a scene involves food. Eating is universally relatable, and while some food-centric movie scenes make us hungry, others serve us a full plate of emotions. There are plenty of television and movie meals the internet can't stop talking about. We love the scene from "The Office" that features Kevin's famous chili spilling all over the floor. We can empathize with the critic from Pixar's " Ratatouille" who is reminded of his childhood as he takes a bite of a dish his mother once made for him. And how many of our friends have quoted the iconic line "No soup for you!" from the "Soup Nazi" episode of "Seinfeld" and left us in stitches?

Food unites us. In fact, according to a study by some folks at the University of Oxford, people tend to feel "happier" and more content with life when they eat together. Perhaps that's why we can't stop talking about one of the sweetest food moments from 2022's Emmy-nominated shows, which brings together one of our favorite holiday meals with one of our favorite, albeit imaginary, sports teams.

Ted Lasso's merry teamwork

"Ted Lasso" became Apple TV's break-away hit in 2021 when the show took home the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy. Per IMDb, the show is about U.S. college football coach Ted Lasso who scores an opportunity to coach an English Premier League football team on the brink of relegation. The idea of belief in oneself and others is a major theme throughout the show, and Jason Sudeikis' character Ted Lasso leads this charge, speaking authentically about everything from tea — aka "garbage water" — to bringing his boss those now-famous homemade shortbread biscuits in a pink box that helps break down her prickly emotional walls.

But the "Ted Lasso" scene that has Redditors talking is a little more festive. Per The Takeout, the scene where the team comes together at the home of Higgins, the man in charge of football operations, for a Christmas meal is one that will not soon be forgotten. "It's a big deal the team chose to be together at the Higgins' because it shows that Richmond is coming together as a team both on an off the field," one Reddit couldn't help but note, while another shared, "I love that the surf board ended up as extra table for the guests." The mood of the scene is definitely one of good cheer and togetherness. As it turns out, all the good vibes we see are real. As Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca, told the LA Times, "...everyone was so happy they got to be together and see each other's smiling faces."