The Most Expensive Champagne In The World Is Worth More Than You Think

Celebrating a holiday or main event in your family may call for some bubbly refreshments. A person that enjoys effervescent spirits may know specific details about Champagne that not everyone's aware of, such as the types of grapes used in production, what glasses work best, and the correct method of popping the cork. One thing you may not know, however, is just how much money people are willing to shed for one particular bottle in 2022.

Valued at $1.9 million, per a June press release from Champagne Avenue Foch (though New York Daily News put that figure at $1.8 million in 2013), the most expensive bottle of Champagne in the world until very recently was encrusted with white diamonds and had an 18-karat gold logo that no doubt contributed to the price. Released in 2013, it was produced by Shammi Shinh. What arguably made the bottle a true novelty was the artistry involved: an upgrade to the brand's emblem, designed by U.K. businessman Alexander Amosu.

In 2013, Amosu was already known for designing expensive rarities that included the world's most expensive suit and a $26,000 Blackberry phone which contained roughly 1,400 diamonds, per Forbes. Fast-forward to 2022, and entrepreneur Shammi Shinh is still using unparalleled methods to market Champagne to consumers.

Champagne meets cryptocurrency

With all the different brands of Champagne available, getting creative is key and that is exactly what Shammi Shinh did the second time around when the business mogul released A Chataeu Avenue Foch 2017 magnum bottle for $2.5 million last week (per The Drinks Business). Instead of using an artist whose specialties include diamonds and rare wool from the Himalayas, this time Shinh went a different direction and aimed at the future by using a rare NFT within the cryptocurrency market for the bottle logo (via PR Newswire).

What does that mean? Investopedia defines cryptocurrency as "a digital or virtual currency secured by cryptography and based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers." NFTs are particular tokens you can buy and trade through various blockchains on the crypto market. The special thing about NFTs is that they are limited. Once you purchase one, you own the rights to that specific design and can sell or trade up.

For this one and only Champs, Shinh partnered with artist Mig and Sneaky Vampire Syndicate. Man of Many describes the syndicate as an artistic community that made over $35 million selling NFTs. The record-breaking bottle showcases the famous Bored Ape Mutant which has, according to CNET, become a status symbol for celebrities with the cheapest buy-in at over $400,000. With the prediction of NFTs becoming part of mainstream society, this Champagne bottle has the potential to accrue more wealth for buyers Giovanni and Piero Buono.