Robert Irvine May Have Hinted At Restaurant: Impossible's Shaky Future

"Restaurant: Impossible" has enjoyed rare longevity for television shows, as the first episode of the series' 20th season (per IMDb) has just dropped. However, all good things do eventually come to an end and the show's star chef, Robert Irvine, might have just hinted that the end could be near.

Over 20 seasons, there have been plenty of opportunities for people to become fans of "Restaurant: Impossible." That's left viewers with a lot of questions about the show, like what happens if a restaurant closes after being featured in an episode and what the cameras don't show that happens behind the scenes. Fortunately for devoted viewers, Irvine hasn't been shy about confirming suspicions about "Restaurant: Impossible."

On July 14, Irvine proved that he isn't afraid to respond to questions about the show when he answered an inquiry into the future of "Restaurant: Impossible" on Twitter. His response was short but clear.

Irvine says it's out of his hands

On July 14, Robert Irvine responded to a Twitter user who asked if there would be another season of "Restaurant: Impossible." Irvine's Twitter reply was simply "we're waiting to see what's happening now ..." Irvine then tagged @FoodNetwork. The fact that Food Network hasn't renewed for a 21st season yet doesn't necessarily mean taping more episodes is impossible, though.

In fact, Reality Blurred says that Food Network canceled the show in 2016, then reprised it in 2019. Few television series come back from "the dead" twice, however, so another decision to effectively end the series would probably mean the final measure for "Restaurant: Impossible." Still, the fact that Food Network is considering it is a testament to its performance after all this time.

At Home in Hollywood says "Restaurant: Impossible" and Irvine are each up for a Critics Choice Real TV Award this year. Additionally, the Reality Television Awards has the show listed among its nominees for "Most Creative Challenge." Fans on Twitter have taken notice, calling on Food Network to give "Restaurant: Impossible" a three-year deal.

While Irvine can't stand this particular spice, he might love doing a 21st season of "Restaurant: Impossible," as his tagging of Food Network in his response suggests he wants to put pressure on the network to renew. Like how successful the restaurateurs he helps are after the show's production moves on, that's out of Irvine's hands to a large degree now.