The Trader Joe's Snack That's Being Likened To Spicy Froot Loops

Sweet and spicy sandwiched together is not just a vibe that gets people's taste buds going. Apparently, having a penchant for this dynamic flavor duo could reveal some interesting characteristics about your personality. Per a 2016 paper published in the journal Judgment and Decision Making, a trio of studies by researchers in China indicated that people who like the heat of spicy foods are more likely to take risks. Additionally, Science Daily reported on a study from a team of researchers from North Dakota State University, Fargo, Gettysburg College, and Saint Xavier University found that study participants who like to indulge in cakes, candies, and other sugary foods could be more likely to have a sweet personality than those who would rather pass up on those options.

We don't know if a person who thinks sugar and spice are truly nice to taste buds is likely to take more risks with flavor combinations. Or maybe foods that combine these flavors have a colorful personality. But Reddit users have been discussing a Trader Joe's snack that some have likened to spicy Froot Loops. It's a strange comparison for sure when you consider that the snack is a kind of popcorn.

Trader Joe's Chili Pineapple Kettle Corn threw people for a loop

A Redditor shared a photo of Trader Joe's Chili Pineapple Kettle Corn and called it "addictive." Another user shared, "I just bought this and the cashier said it tastes like 'spicy fruit loops' (sic) ... lol is this true?" Multiple people agreed with this description, but a couple of them said it has similarities to Trix or Fruity Pebbles – you know the sugary cereals that some parents refused to buy at the grocery store, possibly because they thought combining sugar and spice was too risky. Either way, this comparison partly feeds into a gripe some have with this new snack: They think the corn may be too sweet. 

One member of the Twitterverse tweeted, "Trader Joe's Chili Pineapple Kettle Corn, $2.49. This tastes like a pineapple Life Saver candy melted directly onto a spoonful of Chili powder. ... Downgrade for being too sweet. Grade: B-." What's Good At Trader Joe's wrote, "Glancing at the label and doing some easy math, this popcorn is literally half straight up added sugar...and that tastes like an understatement. I swear I could almost see Wilfred Brimley packing up a box for me, it's so sugary." The reviewer also disagrees with likening the taste to "a spicy Froot Loop." Instead, they think a more accurate description of the flavor is "sugar and lime." That said, the individual predicts Trader Joe's Chili Pineapple Kettle Corn will still be a "summer snackin' fave."