Is It Ever A Good Idea To Buy Groceries At Walmart?

Admittedly, this sounds like a strange question: "Is it a good idea to buy groceries at Walmart?" Of course, this raises further questions. Is there something wrong with Walmart's products? Are you being ripped off?

It's not so much that there's any hazard associated with buying groceries from Walmart, but its affordability is questionable. Despite that Walmart claims to have the lowest prices anywhere, there are many who doubt the claim is true. Reader's Digest reports that certain items at Walmart, such as batteries and organic produce, are actually a bit pricier than what Walmart lets on. The Motley Fool debates whether one should just go to Costco and shop in bulk or frequent their local Walmart. It seems that in today's world of rising food prices, it's becoming harder to find one place where you can get the most food for as little money as possible.

Fortunately, you can still get groceries from Walmart. However, it helps to know what the best items are to buy at Walmart, or you may find yourself paying more than you thought you would.

Choosing generic brands vs. Great Value items

According to GOBankingRates, purchasing groceries from Walmart can be done affordably, just so long as you keep an eye out for certain products and brand names. For example, if you're looking for items that you aren't too particular about, purchase cheaper generic items. Interestingly, GOBankingRates suggests staying away from the Great Value brand due to its supposed "lackluster" quality for the price.

CNBC recommends that, should you purchase groceries at Walmart, stock up on affordable items like snacks and cereals. Unlike GOBankingRates, however, CNBC suggests purchasing Great Value products, such as spices and other look-alikes. The reason is that a majority of Great Value products are made by the same manufacturers of name-brand products, such as Cool Whip.

While there's no harm in shopping at Walmart if it's the only place around, it's always best to avoid taking the claim of "low prices" at face value. There are good deals to be found in Walmart, but it's helpful to be aware of exactly what you're buying.