How You Can Score Free Pringles For An Entire Year

The idea of winning a free supply of food for a year, or even for life, is far from new. However, for foodies who are always looking for a way to fuel their eternal hunger for their favorite treats, these competitions never get old. Those who can't get enough of Frappuccinos were swooning over the Starbucks for Life sweepstakes held during last year's Holiday Season, and this April, candy fanatics jumped at the free Reese's for a year competition Hershey's hosted in celebration of National Lovers Day (via ABC4). 

But now it's finally Pringles fans' turn to get in on the free food competition excitement. The brand has proven to be well-loved in the States — after all, Pringles earned its way into the top 25 most beloved American snack foods in 2021 (per Eat This, Not That). And it seems the famous chip company has decided to spread that love around by giving a few of its most determined Pringles customers the chance to win a year's supply of their favorite snack time treat in a competition that couldn't be easier to enter.

Fans are eager to win the Pringles scratch-off game

Pringles announced on Instagram that it will be holding a contest to award 10 lucky potato chip fans Pringles for a year. Although not as substantial a prize, the company will also be offering 100,000 Pringles lovers a free can of its signature chips. Fans who want to enter the contest will need to sign up with their email at the Pringles Sweepstakes website, so that they can play a round of Pringles Scratch. In order to win the virtual scratch-off and earn a complimentary can of chips, you need to uncover three Pringles cans. However, win or lose, after playing the game you will instantly be entered in a drawing to receive Pringles for a year. 

Based on the comment section of the Instagram post, there are a lot of participants who not only hope to earn Pringles for a year, but who also want to receive a free can of their favorite snack to keep their mouths happy in the meantime. One user who was adamant to win wrote, "I tried 15 different emails and all them lost. I am addicted to this chips and I would do whatever it takes for you to give me a can." Another commenter noted their frustration with coming close to winning the game, posting, "2 cans" with a crying emoji.

With such stiff competition, we can only wish that the most dedicated Pringles fans win.