Why A Candy Company Is Offering 6 Figures To Be A Taste-Tester

Canadian-based online candy shop, Candy Funhouse bills itself as "the biggest online candy store" on the planet (via Candy Funhouse). Not only has Candy Funhouse cornered the North American online retail candy and confections market (via a company press release dated July 19, 2022), but it has also done so with regard to the worldwide wholesale candy and confection market (per Candy Funhouse - Wholesale). Part of what Candy Funhouse does in its role as a wholesaler is to import and distribute candy and other confections from all around the world, which might explain how some candies that have been subject to bans in the U.S., including Kinder Suprise Eggs and Smarties, still have a way of turning up in the U.S. now and again.  

"We love our customers," Candy Funhouse says on its About Us page. "But most of all, we love candy!" Indeed, Candy Funhouse is ready to give back to one lucky candy lover (presumably, a customer, but not necessarily) in the form of a six-figure job consisting, primarily, of eating candy – and possibly doing so from home. Specifically, Candy Funhouse is searching for one candy lover to act as the company's Chief Candy Officer. 

Joining the Candy C-Sweet at Candy Funhouse

In February 2021, Candy Funhouse sought to assemble a team of full- and part-time "candyologists" who would test potential new and current offerings for $30 an hour (via CNN). Now, it wants someone to lead them. That someone would be the online candy megastore's first-ever Chief Candy Officer, per a press release. The release and LinkedIn say this job pays $100,000 per year. But according to the official job listing on the Candy Funhouse Careers page, it pays "up to $100,000 annually." So, would-be hires may wish to have the salary clarified before investing too much time in the application process.

The job entails tasting all the candy that is or could become part of Candy Funhouse's inventory and "deciding whether or not to award each treat with the official "CCO (Chief Candy Officer) Stamp of Approval." Although the job can be performed at the company offices in either Toronto, Ontario, or Newark, New Jersey, it also can be performed from home. Interested applicants should demonstrate an "undying enthusiasm and eagerness to enjoy confectionary products." It also helps to be "bold, creative, a natural born leader, ready to try new things," and willing to offer your "honest opinion" on all the candy tasted.

Notwithstanding the job title, this might be more of a C-Sweet, than a C-Suite, position. Why? According to the press release, this position is open to all North American residents over the age of ... wait for it ... 5.