The Best German Candy Ranked Worst Best

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All around the world, people enjoy candy, with or without reason to treat themselves to something sweet. In the U.S., that may take the shape of a Reese's peanut butter cup or a Snickers chocolate bar. If you travel to another country, however, you're likely to find not only extremely diverse and unique cultures but different candies and desserts as well. No matter where you go though, candy will be deliciously sweet with a fun spin that you may not have experienced before.

Germany offers an array of wonderful sweets and gummies that are found worldwide, though some candies haven't made it to peak popularity on this side of the Atlantic. That doesn't make them any less tasty though, and we reckon that some of these treats would be very popular in the States if they were more easily accessible. Due to the miracle of international shipping companies, we're able to purchase and taste incredible delicacies from around the globe.

This includes candies from countless countries, whether you purchase gift boxes, individual packs of chocolates, and everything in between. Germany has a lot of sweet treats to choose from, so we've compiled a list of some of the country's best candies and ranked them from worst to best so that you can take your pick.

12. Dicke Nüsse

Dickmann is the candy company behind Dicke Nüsse and it also offers a variety of chocolate treats, including Super Dickmanns (chocolate-covered marshmallow candies). We're going to zoom in on another product with a name that undoubtedly gets some laughs every time: Dicke Nüsse. Yes, we know how that sounds to the typical English speaker. However, the German name roughly translates to thick nuts (via Pons) — which we know sounds even worse, but bear with us here.

Dicke Nüsse consists of a sweet, creamy nutty filling encased inside a layer of hazelnut milk chocolate. The combination of the rich chocolate and earthy hazelnut flavor makes for a wonderful treat, somewhat like Nutella. Taste wise, there's nothing bad about this German dessert, but there are a few small reasons it ranks so low. First of all, when you try to find the candy online, you'll be met with a lot of internet memes of people laughing at the poor translation of both the brand and candy's name from German to English (via Reddit). Due to all of these memes, the candy is a lot harder to actually find and purchase overseas.

11. Odenwaelder Marzipan Mini Pigs

This next German sweet is a marzipan masterpiece — which can be a hit or miss depending on how sweet you like your candy. Odenwaelder is a German marzipan company that makes loads of sweet and adorable-looking treats. Some of the desserts are shaped like fruits, hearts, cats, and other animals. Arguably one of the more popular products the company sells, however, are its marzipan mini pigs. The pink pigs are decorated with blushing cheeks, floppy ears, and goofy smiles that are hard not to love. Apart from their cute looks, the pink candies are actually a German holiday tradition meant to bring you luck.

These candy pigs are incredibly sweet as they're mostly made out of sugar and almond paste. If you're used to chocolates or gummies with a little more flavor than just sugar, you may find the marzipan pigs to be overly sweet. And if you don't like your dessert to have a face, their goofy smiles and silly eyes may cause you to feel a little guilty before taking a bite. On the other hand, we can certainly see why these would be popular, especially for younger kids. If you don't like candies that are overwhelmingly sweet though, you might not enjoy these little pink pigs.

10. Ritter Sport Knusperkeks

If you've been to a Baldacci's, Whole Foods, or some other high-end grocery store, you may have noticed that in place of all the normal Snickers and Kit Kat candy bars you typically find at the checkout aisle, you are faced with an array of different chocolates and treats. Among them, you may come across Ritter Sport chocolates, and you'll certainly want to keep an eye out for the butter biscuit bar flavor, aka Knusperkeks in German. The dessert is made with an extra buttery biscuit cracker and coated in an envelope of milk chocolate. 

The use of a rich buttery biscuit paired with velvety milk chocolate makes this treat feel more like a cookie than a candy bar. However, it's still a really good dessert to savor. The biscuit is crisp and not overwhelmingly sweet, and the chocolate is just as delicious as any chocolate product you might find in a high-quality grocery store. Since this product is more similar to a cookie than candy, we can't rank it at the top of our candy-centric list. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a sweet and decadent chocolate treat, then Ritter Sport's Knusperkeks is a great item to try out.

9. Schulte Dominosteine

Next in our ranking, we have Schulte's Dominosteine, aka chocolate dominoes. Schulte Feingebäck is a German company specializing in cookies and chocolates ever since its establishment in 1884. The domino candies are made out of layers of gingerbread, fruit jelly, and persipan (an ingredient similar to marzipan but made with peach or apricot pits). The layers are covered in a coat of milk or dark chocolate, which provides a rich flavor and velvety texture to the entire treat. These small chocolate cubes are admittedly closer to a cookie than candy, but that doesn't make them any less deserving of a spot on this list.

The use of gingerbread in this candy makes for a warm, sweet, and spiced cookie base. Meanwhile, the fruit jelly and persipan filling give the Dominosteine an extra flavorful spin. With the chocolaty coating, this entire treat is a sweet, bite-sized delight, and we could see ourselves accidentally popping an entire pack of them in our mouths. Much like the Ritter Sport butter biscuit bar, the only reason this item ranks lower is that it's more cookie-like if we're being nitpicky. Other than that, there's not really anything bad we can say about Schulte's delicious Dominosteine.

8. Hitschie's Snap Chews

Another soft, fruit-flavored gummy candy that is quite popular in Germany is Hitschie's Snap Chews. The product is made by the Hitschler candy company (rebranded as Hitschie's), which offers a variety of chocolates and fruit chew candies in its lineup. The Original Snap Chews are made up of small chewy candies coated in a thin colorful shell, filled with a soft chewy interior in five different flavors: lemon, strawberry, apple, raspberry, and cherry. If you're looking for an American comparison, they look relatively similar to what you might find in a box of Mike and Ike candy.

While you can't get these in stores in the U.S., you can get this candy from online retailers like Amazon. One Amazon customer review compares the crunchy exterior to M&M's and the interior to jelly beans. Despite being unavailable for purchase in the States, these seem to be a popular item among people who've either grown up with them or tasted these sweets when they visited Germany. So if you ever get the chance to taste Hitschie's Snap Chews, we highly suggest that you give them a shot!

7. Krügerol Halsbonbons

Some candies have more to them than just being a sugary bite to enjoy, including this entry. Krügerol's Halsbonbons from East Germany aren't as popular as some of the other items on this list, but they still merit a position after 150 years on the market. When you first hear the term bonbons, you may picture chocolate candy in your mind. Actually, bonbon roughly translates to a sweet or candy in German (via Collins Dictionary). This product is more like a throat lozenge that you would suck on when you have a cold. In fact, Richard Krüger founded a specialty shop in 1866, he began producing throat drops, aka Halsbonbons, according to his own recipe. 

These candies are made up of ingredients like mint, sage, mountain pine, thyme, and natural pear flavoring, according to My German Candy. These elements provide a refreshing, minty, yet lightly fruity flavor that is the perfect remedy for both a sore throat and if you want to have a little something sweet to suck on throughout the day. They can also be dipped into a hot drink and melted into herbal tea, which sounds ideal for a cold winter day. You can find both the original Halsbonbons and a sugar-free variation online, so if you're a fan of fresh yet sweet-tasting hard candies, we highly recommend you try these out.

6. Trolli Gummy Worms

You might be familiar with Trolli candies like the brand's gummy worms and its various soft chewy candies. The candy company was first founded by Willy Mederer in 1948 as Wilmed, and ever since then has produced confectionery delights for all to enjoy (via Trolli). The various products include an assortment of fruit-flavored gummies, such as one of the most popular options: the gummy worms or sour glow worms (named for the fact that the candy glows with color).

These long and colorful gummy worms are not only a classic for many, but they're also a fruity treat for anyone who likes chewy candy. You can get Trolli sweets at almost any grocery store in the States, and they're guaranteed to be coated in a layer of sugary and sour flavor. These candies get points for their nostalgic value, as well as for their pleasant tang from the outer coating. Overall, this German-based candy is delicious, whether you serve it as a fun ice cream topping or enjoy it as a stand-alone dessert.

5. Chocolate Cat Tongues

Katzenzungen are chocolate desserts shaped a bit like ladyfingers, or more aptly per their German name, as cat tongues. Despite the strange name this is still a rich chocolaty treat for anyone who loves the taste of quality German chocolate. The candy is crafted by the Sarotti brand, which was established in 1852 by Heinrich Ludwig, and has produced incredible candies and chocolates ever since. In particular, the cat tongues are made with high-quality milk chocolate and fine cocoa, making them a decadent treat for chocolate lovers all over the world.

Like most German chocolate, these cat tongues have different proportions of ingredients compared to American chocolate candy (via BBC News). As well the former tends to contain fewer added ingredients which means you'll get to enjoy the taste of genuine chocolate. Cat tongues also come in a beautiful box decorated with adorable cats, so what's not to love about these chocolates? Amazon reviews for this product laugh about the nostalgic and entertaining product name while singing praises of its creamy, silky texture. If you like chocolate and you aren't taking the strange name seriously, you'll love these cute German candies.

4. Haribo Gummy Bears

While browsing the candy aisles of your grocery store, you've likely come across golden bags filled with colorful, fruit-flavored gummy bears. More often than not, the candies are a Haribo product. Since this brand is so popular in the States, it may come as a surprise to find out that Haribo gummy bears are actually a German invention. The company was founded in 1893 by Hans Riegel and since then, the brand has widely expanded, which is why we're able to experience the delicious taste of Haribo gummy bears all over Europe, the U.S., and in over 100 other countries.

However, there are some differences between the American and German versions of the gummy bears. Many reviews on Amazon claim that the original German gummy bears are less sweet and softer than their American counterparts. Furthermore, since the German gummy bears are less sugary, the fruit flavor of the candy is more prevalent, making for a tastier dessert. The only reason this doesn't rank any higher is that you tend to get an admittedly less flavorful take on these gummy bears in the States. Nonetheless, if you ever want to taste Haribo gummy bears with more flavor, then you should consider sourcing the original German product.

3. Riesen

There's nothing like the pairing of chocolate and caramel, and it seems that wherever you go you can find this incredible flavor combination in some form. While that might be a Twix bar in the States, over in Germany it's Riesen, which is as simple as chocolate-caramel candy gets. Riesen happens to be Germany's first branded candy, and it consists of a chewy, chocolate caramel covered with a thick layer of dark chocolate. According to the company, the strong dark chocolate taste comes from a unique blend of Gavoa cocoa beans.

These rich chocolate caramel bites are brimming with an incredibly decadent flavor; the caramel adds sweetness and a chewy texture, while the chocolate gives the candy a bold depth. It definitely tastes like a cross between a caramel candy and a high-quality chocolate bar, and anyone who enjoys both would like Riesen as well. While chocolate and caramel isn't a new candy combo, there's no way to be disappointed when you taste Riesen's chocolate caramels.

2. Toffifee Chocolates

Another German candy that you actually might see in your local grocery stores from time to time is Toffifay's Chocolates — although, it is known by a slightly different name in Germany: Toffifee. The candies are made out of a roasted hazelnut that's placed in a sweet chewy caramel cup filled with a hazelnut and chocolate concoction. There isn't really a big difference between the American and European versions of these treats, but they were originally made in Germany, starting in 1973 (via Storck). By 2014, the Toffifee's could be found for purchase in over 100 countries.

These chocolate hazelnut candies taste fairly similar no matter where you get them, and fortunately they are consistently excellent. The combination of chocolate and caramel is a classic, and the fact that the chocolate comes from Germany makes these treats all the richer. The crunchy roasted hazelnut and the creamy chocolaty filling add a toasty depth to the entire dessert. They're definitely worth the wait if you choose to order them from Germany, though it wouldn't hurt to have a box of the American version of the candy while you wait. Chances are your package will face the same fate as it did for one Amazon reviewer, who claimed that their box of Toffifees didn't last very long in their household.

1. Milka Chocolate Bar

There's nothing like a good chocolate bar, and no matter where you are, there's a good chance you can find one. In the States, you can munch on a Ghirardelli bar but in Germany, Milka chocolate bars are a bit more popular. The brand's Alpenmilch chocolate bar is made out of Alpine milk chocolate, and its pure simplicity is a winner. What makes it unique, however, is that it's incredibly creamy and less sweet than typical American chocolate candy. This is because European chocolate is made with a higher proportion of cacao compared to the sugar content (via Gourmet Boutique).

Even though it's just a chocolate bar, you'll taste a pretty significant difference. Milka's Alpenmilch bar truly shows that you don't need any fancy flavors or twists to make something delicious. It's rich, lightly sweet, and practically melts in your mouth. One reviewer on Amazon who bought a case of the chocolate bars notes that after they tried them, American chocolate tasted like chalk in comparison — the German chocolate was just that good. If you love chocolate, you'll love Milka's chocolate bars, so be sure to taste them as soon as you get the chance.