Trader Joe's Just Added Another Cacio E Pepe Item To Shelves

If you love pasta, then walking through the aisles at Trader Joe's must feel akin to food heaven. If you're not in the mood to whip up a homemade pasta sauce one night, no problem. TJ's will answer all of your prayers. From traditional marinara sauce to vegan bolognese to Alfredo, you can find the best (and worst) pasta sauces at Trader Joe's. Whether you are craving something creamy and chunky or spicy and smooth, you'll find endless ways to sauce your pasta at the popular store.

Among Trader Joe's slew of sauces, the grocery store chain certainly has its standout products. One fan favorite is TJ's cacio e pepe sauce. This simple sauce features two main ingredients, cheese and pepper, and is renowned for having been Anthony Bourdain's favorite type of pasta. The late chef once referred to the dish as "the greatest thing in the history of the world" on an episode of "No Reservations," and it truly doesn't get much better than that (via Bravo TV).

This Italian staple has become so popular amongst customers that the California-based grocery store chain has debuted a few other cacio e pepe products. For a while, fans were freaking out over Trader Joe's new cacio e pepe puffs, which were "corn and rice snacks" flavored with cheese and pepper. Now, customers have a new cheesy, peppery product to get hyped about.

Trader Joe's users want more gluten free pasta options

Cheese and pepper lovers rejoice! Joining the ranks of Trader Joe's cacio e pepe products is an all-new pasta: cacio e pepe gnocchi. User @traderjoeslist recently shared this exciting news on Instagram. "Just when you thought #traderjoes ran out of things to cacio e pepe, they went ahead and did this," their post caption read. According to the packaging, the gnocchi is made with provolone & Romano cheeses and black peppercorns.

Many TJ fans echoed @traderjoeslist's enthusiasm in the comments section of the post. "Cannot wait to try this," one user commented, while another user tagged their friend and wrote "WERE GOING NEXT WEEK START THE CAR."

Other users expressed their desire for TJ's to develop more products that appeal to those with dietary restrictions. "Can they do this with cauliflower gnocchi too," one user pleaded, "But make it gluten free!," another user wrote. Given Trader Joe's history with debuting cacio e pepe products, it may only be a matter of time! In the meantime, Insider notes that TJ's gluten-free customers can sample the gluten-free chicken nuggets, the gluten-free egg fettuccine pasta, and Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi.