The Best Deep Fried Candy Bars Ranked

When you want to treat yourself to a sweet treat or reward yourself for following your healthy diet throughout the week, a good way to do so is with a candy bar. Sweet, sugary, and delicious, you can find a chocolate candy bar in just about any gas station or grocery store you step into. There are many candy bars you can choose from, from a layered Twix bar to the wonderful wafer-filled Kit Kat. While you have to eat them rather quickly in the warmer seasons to make sure the candy doesn't melt, no matter when you have a candy bar, you're in for a tasty time.

While it may not be the most popular or healthy way to have your candy, you can also have fried candy bars, which are a treat that you can sometimes find at carnivals or fairs, or make for yourself at home. Either way, there are many candy bars that you can use to make the fried sweet, with some of these delights working better than others. Here are some of the best deep fried candy bars, ranked from worst to best, so the next time you want to treat yourself, you'll know which candy bar will make for the best dessert.

11. Deep fried Almond Joy

Almond Joys are already a hit-or-miss candy on their own. Combining a chocolate candy with nuts is nothing new, but throwing coconut into the mix makes the chocolate bars a little more of an acquired taste, or at least a treat for people with a preference for coconut candies. There's clearly a market for it, seeing as the candies are still around. You'll find many people across the world who are big fans of the tropical fruit in their candies and sweets, with some people even claiming that Almond Joys in particular are highly underrated (via Reddit).

Because of this, a fried Almond Joy may or may not be a delicious, crispy treat you'd want to enjoy. If you love the toasted taste of coconut, there are many people who use fried Almond joys in their treats and enjoy the extra note of flavor that the gooey coconut adds to the fried candy as a whole (via Facebook). The reason this is at the bottom of list is that there's a solid amount of coconut haters out there who might not enjoy this treat. Compared to other fried chocolate bars, some food fans have found that they'd rather have other fried candy bars (via MassLive). If you're a less picky individual, however, you'll absolutely enjoy this candy.

10. Deep fried Payday

Paydays are a nice candy to snack on throughout the day, and like most candy bars, are a sweet treat. But with the ingredients used to make this candy, it also takes on a more salty, balanced flavor. Unlike a lot of the candy bars on this list, a typical Payday isn't made of chocolate, but instead, is made up of a base of salted peanuts and caramel. There are some things about a fried Payday candy that we find less appealing than other bars, but it's still a salty, sweet, and crisp treat that you're more than likely to enjoy.

The thing that we aren't the biggest fan of on a fried Payday isn't the taste. Like a normal Payday bar, you get a nice balance of sweet caramel and salty, earthy peanuts. You also get the crunchy, bready exterior that forms upon frying pretty much anything. It tastes delicious, but we have to dock points because of the fried candy bar's texture. With other fried candy bars, you get a nice, gooey, and sometimes wafered dessert, but when it comes to the Payday, you get melted caramel and a LOT of peanuts that are still intact (via Instagram). That, with the addition of the fried exterior, makes for an odd texture, and though it doesn't really take that much away from this fried candy, we do have to be a little nit-picky when we're ranking the best fried candy bars.

9. Deep fried Toblerone

If you think of a chocolate bar, the image that may pop up in your head might be rectangular in shape. Toblerone chocolates, on the other hand, are shaped like a row of pyramids, and are made up of milk chocolate, honey, and almond nougat. Due to the somewhat more unconventional shape of Toblerone chocolate bars, you may not think of them as a candy bar you can fry, but some people have been able to make it work.

Depending on where you go or who fries the Toblerone, you'll be met with varying, but still tasty, levels of success. Some people, as shown on Reddit, can make a fantastically fried Toblerone bar, which adds a crisp outer layer to a melted, rich and sweet honey milk chocolate bar. On the other hand, the odd shape of the chocolate bar can make it a little more difficult for some to fry, and one online food fryer even blogged that they considered a fried Toblerone a failure of a fried candy (via The Greasiest), though from looking at the pictures of their Toblerone, we reckon the chocolate bar would have been saved if they had used a bit more batter.

8. Deep fried Butterfinger

Can you really go wrong with a Butterfinger? The crispy, crunchy, peanut butter-filled chocolate bars are simple in terms of prominent ingredients, but a combination of sweet, nutty flavors is enough to make us crave these amazing chocolate bars. Butterfingers may stick to our teeth and not be the best thing for our diets, but they hit the spot every time. Like any chocolate bar, they're a treat that you should enjoy sparingly, but if you've ever wanted to have a fried Butterfinger bar, it's worth trying

Butterfingers are already crispy and rich, thanks to the use of crispy peanut butter filling and sweet milk chocolate. By frying the treat, you have an extra layer of crisp deliciousness, and the chocolate and peanut butter practically melt in your mouth. You can coat these delights in powdered sugar, making for an extra sugary and fair-like treat (via Facebook). If you want to take it a sweet step further, then you can find fair grounds or locations such as Corndance Tavern, which makes fried Butterfinger and pair it with a cold, creamy serving of ice cream. Overall, there's a lot you can do with a fried Butterfinger, and it's a nutty, chocolatey delight. However, you do lose some of the crispness of the filling by heating it up, which might disappoint some Butterfinger fans.

7. Deep fried Kit Kat

Who doesn't love to snap apart a Kit Kat bar? The wafered, chocolatey treat is one of the most iconic candy bars out there, and it's near impossible to walk down the candy aisle of a grocery store without seeing a Kit Kat in a bright red wrapper. Kit Kats can come in a multitude of flavors, but no matter what kind of Kit Kat you break apart and enjoy, you'll be met with similar, unmatchable deliciousness. If you've ever wanted to take your Kit Kats a step further, you can fry them, too, and add an extra layer to the popular wafer candy.

Lots of foods that are fried end up becoming a little mushy, but thanks to the layered nature of a Kit Kat, you're met with a firm, crisp, and crunchy fried food, as noted by a fan of fried Kit Kats on Reddit. You can either fry an entire bar, or, if you want something more like fries, you can fry each Kit Kat stick individually. Some fried candy experts, like Spool After Dark, fry each Kit Kat stick individually, and serve eight fried sticks with powdered sugar, along with a chocolate sauce dip or whipped cream. The frying process does make the wafers a bit soggy, which might not please everybody, but overall we enjoy fried Kit Kats.

6. Deep fried Twix

An ice cream sundae or bowl of Halloween candy isn't complete without Twix. The crunchy caramel chocolate bars aren't the oldest candy around, but they've certainly made quite the impact. You'll find Twix bars being snacked upon at any time of year, and though there's a lot you may not know about this candy, suffice it to say that Twix candies rank pretty highly for a lot of people. Few can say that they've gone their lives without treating themselves to a Twix bar, and though not everyone has had them fried, doing so will leave you in chocolate, caramel heaven.

You can find fried Twix bars on the dessert menus of numerous restaurants, like The World Bar in New Zealand, which serves its fried chocolate Twix bars with some vanilla ice cream. With the fried Twix, you'll find yourself with a crispy exterior, and a nice melted interior made up of caramel, chocolate, and biscuit layers. The biscuit helps the whole thing keep its shape, and the combination of chocolate, caramel, and the crispy fried coating makes for a wonderfully sweet and flavorful dessert, reminiscent of something you can find at a state fair or carnival.

5. Deep Fried Milky Way

Milky Way bars are made up of smooth caramel, milk chocolate, and a nougat, making for an out-of-this-world dessert. If you've ever wanted to add an extra bit of pizzaz to your Milky Ways, you have turned to Snickers, which are essentially the same candy with peanuts. You can do that, or, if you want to step things up, you can also fry your Milky Way bars and have a crispy, crunchy, and deliciously sweet dessert.

If you've ever gotten a fried Milky Way bar at a state fair, then you've likely experienced the wonderfully crisp and crunchy breaded crust, along with the melted chocolate, caramel, and smooth nougat interior. One reviewer of the treat, who tried it at the Wyoming State Fair, notes that when they tasted the fried Milky Way, it tasted a lot like a s'more, with the crunchy bread and nougat being a lot like the graham cracker and the chocolate and caramel tasting similar to the other ingredients that make up a good s'more. This dessert may not be the best for your health, but if you're able to treat yourself to this once or twice, you'll be happy with what you find.

4. Deep Fried Snickers

Snickers are one of the most popular chocolate candy bars out there, and unless you have a peanut allergy, it's more likely that one of the first candies that you'd eat after a Halloween haul as a kid was a Snickers bar. Both Milky Ways and Snickers are made with creamy milk chocolate, caramel, and a nougat interior, though Snickers bars are far more popular than their peanutless counterparts — and taste just as good, if not better, when fried than the Milky Way bar, as well.

As noted with the Payday bar, the use of peanuts in fried food makes for a nutty, crispy, yet somewhat odd texture. However, Snickers doesn't have as many peanuts in it as Payday, and they're chopped up, so the nuts either melt with the other ingredients or feel more natural, spread out, and delicious (via Candy Addict). While we don't suggest you try it with bacon, as some have done, if you come across this treat at a fair or carnival, then we highly suggest you try it out. Candy Addict notes that the vendor that they got their treat from served the fried chocolate bar hot, and the entire inside was a gooey hot delight.

3. Deep Fried Three Musketeers

If you're looking for a chocolate bar that is only made up of a few ingredients, yet manages to use them in such an appetizing, outstanding way, look no further than a 3 Musketeers candy. Over in the UK, 3 Musketeers are branded as Milky Ways (via Welcome to Germerica), but no matter what they are called, these candy bars are hard to beat. Furthermore, like most of the other candy bars on this list, 3 Musketeers taste amazing when fried.

This fried candy is easily one of the better chocolate bars you can fry, and not only because 3 Musketeers are already good on their own. The chocolate on one of these candies already seems to melt in your mouth, so that, along with the soft, whipped nougat, melts into a sweet, gooey, and delicious fried confection. You can find this treat at some state fairs and festivals. If they're not available near you, you can easily fry a 3 Musketeers on your own and enjoy the dessert from the comfort of your own home, topped with chocolate or powdered sugar. If you love fried foods, and you're a fan of 3 Musketeers bars, then you can't go wrong with this fried delight.

2. Deep fried Hershey bar

Ah, Hershey bars. Whether you're using a bar of the chocolate to make s'mores, crumbling it up to put on top of a cup of ice cream, or eating a bar of the chocolate straight from the wrapper, if there's any chocolate brand that we'd guess that just about everyone has had, it's Hershey's. The chocolate bars are essentially a staple in kitchens and snack cabinets now, and it's safe to say that if you like chocolate, you like Hershey's. You may be wondering why such a simple candy would be so high on this fried food list, and we're here to say: It's Hershey's. How could it not?

You'll find people frying Hershey's chocolates all over the internet, including TikTok, where you can learn how to fry the sweet chocolates yourself with pancake batter. You can cover the chocolate in as much or as little batter as you want, making for a rich, melted chocolate dessert with a crisp, crunchy exterior. It's much simpler than some of the other entries on this list, but with the fried exterior and chocolate filling, do you really need much else? Maybe some powdered sugar, which is how Darren Rovell likes to have his fried Hershey's, but there's not much else you need to do to enjoy this fried candy.

1. Deep fried Mars bar

At the top of the list, we have fried Mars bars. You may think of the idea of frying chocolate bars and pretty much anything to be an American innovation, but believe it or not, fried candy bars didn't originate in the U.S. According to Taste Atlas, the fried dessert was created in 1992 by the employees of the Carron fish bar in Stonehaven, and is now a famous Scottish delicacy. If this fried candy bar is good enough for Scotland, then there's a pretty good chance that you'll enjoy it as well.

In almost any place that you pick up a fried Mars bar, you're in for a terrific treat. Whether you get it served with ice cream, like how Stuart Bowman had his first fried Mars bar, or have it as a standalone dessert, this crispy, crunchy, and chocolatey treat is hard to beat. With a chocolate, caramel and creamy nougat filling, a Mars bar is very similar to a Milky Way, but it has subtle differences that make it a totally different eating experience (via Second Rate Snacks). A fried Mars bar is a flavorful, fantastic dessert. If you're travelling abroad to the U.K., there's a good chance you can find this dessert all around Scotland (via Squaremeal), as well as numerous other pubs and restaurants, so we highly suggest you save yourself some room in your stomach to try this out.