What Robert Irvine Really Thinks About Gordon Ramsay

Robert Irvine has been in the restaurant game for just as long as Gordon Ramsay, though people may not know his name quite as well as the chef from "Hell's Kitchen." Besides having a successful culinary career in the British Navy during the 1980s, as well as on various cruise ships, Irvine is a book author, philanthropist, and fitness advocate. He even has his own snack and protein bar line. The entrepreneur is more famously known for being the host of several TV shows including two that have been running for over a decade — "Dinner: Impossible" and "Restaurant: Impossible" (per IMDb).

During an interview, Ron Cook and Joe Starky of the radio show "The Cook and Joe Show" asked Chef Irvine a question many people are likely curious about — "Why are celebrity chefs...why does it seem like they're always angry in these shows? Is that just playing it up for TV ratings or are they actually angry people?" 

The TV personality replied, "Angry chefs are portrayed because that's the old style of a chef," and then added "when I grew up in the military they would throw things at you and demean you. Obviously, nowadays you can't do that because there are laws against that." 

So what does Irvine say about Gordon Ramsay's infamous persona as an angry chef?

Irvine keeps his comments limited

"Gordon Ramsay is not that mean, I don't think," Irvine told "The Cook and Joe Show." He went on to say "I think it's just a camera trick, a game to make people tune in to see what he's going to say next."

During his interview, the chef also claimed that "Restaurant: Impossible" is "the only reality TV show that is real." Mike Fleiss, the creator of the Bachelor, said in 2012 that reality TV is at least 70-80% fake (per The Washington Post). Allegedly, some of the worst offenders of 'scripted' reality television include "Cake Boss" and "Masterchef: USA" (per The Delite). However, staff from behind the scenes of "Restaurant: Impossible" have indicated it's less fake than some of the other reality shows out there (per TVOM).

Despite the knowledge that the reactions of celebrity chefs such as Ramsay and Irvine might possibly be exaggerated, we suspect many will continue to tune in to watch the drama unfold because, let's face it, it's still entertaining while providing new meal ideas.