20 Hard Kombuchas To Try In 2022

Kombucha is the vinegary health drink that folks either love or hate. People tend to drink it for its supposed health benefits, as the fermented tea is known for supporting a healthy gut. Nutritional sciences researcher Dr. Neha Shah told Bustle that kombucha can help balance the healthy bacteria in the gut, which can support a healthy immune system, digestion, and mental health. 

All kombucha technically has a small amount of alcohol because of the fermentation process — tea and sugar is brewed together and left to ferment with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), which produces alcohol. However, some kombucha brewers have taken it a step further by upping the alcohol in their product, leading to an increased presence of "hard kombucha" that will make you tipsy.

It's unclear how "healthy" hard kombucha is, considering that it still contains alcohol. Sure, when compared to a sugary cocktail, kombucha is better. It has antioxidants, vitamins, and probiotics, and a can is usually pretty low in calories. However, Shah also told Bustle that the added alcohol could kill some of the good bacteria present in the drink, thus reducing health benefits. 

Regardless of how good it is for you, hard kombucha is a tasty and naturally gluten-free alternative to beer worth exploring. If it's a new arena for you, we've rounded up 20 different kinds of hard kombucha made in the U.S. for you to try out. 

Aqua ViTea AfterGlow Ginger Blue

Aqua ViTea has a whole line of great non-alcoholic kombucha products worth trying out, but their AfterGlow brand of hard kombuchas is the real prize. AfterGlow Hard Kombucha Ginger Blue is a sparkling ginger and blueberry beverage with 5% ABV, 150 calories, and 11 carbs. If you're looking for an alcoholic beverage that is a little stronger than canned kombucha, the company also produces Aqua Vodka, which is created with the occurring alcohol in kombucha. 

AfterGlow Ginger Blue is aromatic and fruity. It's refreshing, even more so thanks to the bubbles and hint of ginger. This can is a good option if you prefer your kombucha on the sweeter side, with a nice herbal quality thanks to green and black teas. "This is kind of amazing? Herbal, Blueberry, ginger tea. It's funky. I'm here for it," one Untappd user wrote in a review of the product. 

Allkind Super Berry

Another great berry-forward hard kombucha is Allkind Hard Kombucha's Super Berry. It is a bit boozier, containing 6.5% ABV and 135 calories per can. Helming from the brewers at Odell Brewing Co. out in Fort Collins, Colorado, Allkind Super Berry is a delicious drink that also makes a positive impact on the environment. The company donates 1% of its annual revenue to environmental causes, and prides itself on using organic tea and real fruit in their cans. 

Allkind Super Berry lives up to its name by containing blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, acai, and a hint of ginger for added zest. If the last kombucha sounded good but a little too sweet, this is a good berry option that leans dry and tart, almost like a rosé wine. "This is wicked good," one Untappd user wrote in a review. "It's kinda like a sour honestly. 10/10/10 I WILL get this again."

Boochcraft Peach Iced Tea

Boochcraft has a great can for those who spend their entire summer drinking peach tea, but want something a little boozier. Through the company's Liquid Art Lab series, the Peach Iced Tea is summer in a can. The 7% ABV drink features white tea, peaches, basil leaves, and guava to get its distinctly fruity flavor. "My favorite flavor to date," one fan of the product wrote on Boochcraft's Instagram.  Another customer wrote on the post that the taste resembles real peach tea rather than the funkiness of kombucha, but it's still a solid option regardless. 

Boochcraft is another brand that celebrates sustainability, donating 1% of gross sales to fund projects that help global sustainability. The brand is also a member of 1% for the Planet, like AllKind. The company was founded in San Diego, California and has an entire line of kombucha, including the limited-edition peach iced tea flavor. 

Dr. Hops Kombucha Rose

The booziest option on the list is Dr. Hops Kombucha Rose, which is the mashup of fermented tea and light wine that you didn't know you needed it. This 11% ABV can blends unfiltered kombucha with Pinot and Syrah grapes, with added hops, hibiscus flower, orange peel, and citric acid to round out the flavor. It has a welcome acidity, but it isn't as sour as some of the other options on the list. Even though it's definitely strong, it doesn't taste like it, and it channels the experience of sipping on an icy glass of rosé sangria with fresh citrus fruits. 

Dr. Hops Kombucha Rose is a good pick if you're a wine drinker looking for something new. "This flavor is the very best. I've tried them all and this one is NUMBER ONE HANDS DOWN," one customer wrote in a review on Dr. Hops' website. 

Flying Embers Orange Passion Mimosa

From Ojai, California comes the epitome of a mimosa in a can thanks to Flying Embers Hard Kombucha. The brand has a newer orange passion mimosa that is tangy and tropical, thanks to the terrific trio of orange, passionfruit, and guava. It's 6.9% ABV, contains no sugar or carbs, and is USDA organic. It's the right amount of sour and sweet without being overwhelming, and could be a good alternative to the traditional brunch cocktail. "The taste was amazing and the buzz was subtle and soft," one customer wrote in a review on the company's website. "I can totally see taking these along to the beach, or anywhere for that matter!"

Flying Embers was created in 2017 when the founder's home and lab were almost destroyed in a massive fire. Those origins inspired the company to donate 1% of sales to firefighters, first responders, and communities through the brand's nonprofit. 

Four Corners Brewing Co. Buchalada Grapefruit Sea Salt

Four Corners Buchalada's hard kombucha in grapefruit and sea salt flavor is the option for those who prefer drinks that are on the savory side. Four Corners Brewing Co. from Dallas, Texas has been around since the early 2010s, but their more recent move to kombucha is a testament to their craft brewing skills. It's a lighter option, coming in at 4.5% ABV and 120 calories, but it doesn't hold back on flavor. 

Buchalada Grapefruit Sea Salt is another seltzer kombucha, so don't let the bubbles scare you. Reviews on Untappd are quick to point out that once you open a can, you will likely be put off by the smell. It's kombucha so the notes of vinegar are super strong on the nose. Thankfully, it doesn't translate to the taste, which is a good balance of tart, floral, and salty. "There is so much flavor. Unsurprisingly, it tastes like grapefruit and sea salt. It is tart and sweet," one Untappd review reads. 

Hooch Booch Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned cocktails are as classic as the name suggests, but sometimes they're a bit too much effort to whip up at home. Hooch Booch has created a "healthier" version of the cocktail list staple with a hard kombucha version that channels of the taste of the libation. Even without a shot of bourbon, Hooch Booch Old Fashioned channels the taste of orange, bourbon, cherry, and bitters. Hooch Booch even says that if you're looking for something stronger than the 8.5% ABV can, a shot of your favorite whiskey goes will with their hard kombucha. 

Unlike the bitter-forward cocktail, Hooch Booch's canned version is a bit on the sweeter side, according to reviews on Untappd. That could either be a good or a bad thing depending on your taste for bitter, but it's still a well-executed attempt. "Could drink this all summer long," one Untappd user declared. 

Jiant Guavamente

Aside from Jiant Hard Kombucha's aesthetically pleasing packaging, the brand is putting out some innovative flavors of hard kombucha worth seeking out. One of the most refreshing flavors they offer is Guavamente, which is a blend of guava and mint. This can contains jun culture, organic ingredients, and 4.5% ABV. The zesty flavor of the guava is complimented with a bit of lime juice, and the peppermint is like a reinvigorating finish that makes you want to go back for another sip to understand what you tasted the first time. It also only has 120 calories and 5 carbs, so you won't feel bad if you do end up downing a few cans. 

One Total Wine customer declared Jiant Guavamente to be the best hard kombucha they had ever tried. "The flavor is incredible, the ingredients are all real foods, and my stomach stay happy! For those whose stomach is sensitive to alcohol, this is the perfect drink," the review reads. 

JuneShine Midnight Painkiller

JuneShine's flavors of hard kombucha are begging to be drank at the beach, at the pool, or in any chill summer environment. Particularly, JuneShine's Midnight Painkiller flavor is the tropical explosion that you must try before the weather turns cold (or if you need to channel the vibes of an exotic vacation). First of all, it's actually dark in hue thanks to a bit of activated charcoal added to the mix. Secondly, the flavors cannot be improved. The can contains pineapple, coconut, orange, nutmeg, and green tea. It may sound sweet, which it is, but the flavor is rounded out with a pleasant amount of dryness on the palate. 

JuneShine Midnight Painkiller contains 6% ABV, 150 calories, and 7 carbs, and it is a favorite flavor among many customers. "I no longer buy beer; I buy JuneShine," one review on the company's website reads. "It is smooth & calming; its detoxifying impact is relaxing and enjoyable. No bloating. No discomfort." 

Kyla Lavender Lemonade

Speaking of summer, lemonade is the unofficial drink of the season, and Kyla Kombucha from Hood River, Oregon made a version fit for grownups to enjoy. Kyla revealed its lavender lemonade flavor as part of its Sunbreak Series for summer. Like JuneShine's Midnight Painkiller, the can stands out upon first pour as it has a bright purple hue to match the flavor. Inside, notes of lemon, hibiscus, and lavender fill up your mouth. The flavor is light, but it packs in 6.5% ABV to leave you feeling lifted after just one can. 

Most reviews of Kyla Lavender Lemonade on Untappd describe the flavor as tasting exactly like they would expect — a little sour, lavender-y, and extremely crushable. "Spritzy lemonade with a dash of lavender. Flavors go really well together. Balanced sweet & sour. Very light for a 6%er. Something to crush during the summer, easy," one review reads. 

Little Grove Peach and Kombucha

Allagash Brewery in Portland, Maine is well regarded for their expertly crafted beers, but their Little Grove line of sparkling session ales is an underrated gem. Privy to this list, they even have a blend featuring kombucha. The Little Grove ale with peach and kombucha is the perfect option for those people who are totally against the idea of kombucha. Allagash adds just the right amount of fermented tea to make it funky, but keeps it light and fruity with the addition of peaches. This is one of the lightest options on the list with 3.6% ABV and only 100 calories, so it's the ideal sipper on a hot day that won't leave you feeling too buzzed. 

Allagash's Little Grove line is far from your average beer or even hard kombucha. It's a sparkling creation all of its own that's been received well by beer purists. "This is the most drinkable beer on the planet, and it actually tastes like beer and not carbonated fruit water," one review on Beer Advocate reads. 

Local Roots Island Vibes

Kombuchas that have vivid, bright colors just add to the fun, especially if they contain a little bit of liquor. Additionally, tropical flavors and kombucha are always a welcome pair, which is why we'd be remiss to not include Local Roots Island Vibes hard kombucha that's made for summer drinking. This 6% ABV drink contains pineapple, coconut, and blue spirulina, resulting in a bright blue hue that resembles the ocean. Local Roots, which has its taproom in Vista, California, recommends pairing this can with frozen yogurt, Zoom meetings, and Bob Marley, which should give you an idea of the vibes this can radiates. 

Local Roots Island Vibes is insanely drinkable and comes in at a medium alcohol percentage, so it's a reliable can to keep in your fridge. "Awesome coconut flavor," one Total Wine customer wrote in a review of the hard kombucha. "Makes me feel like I'm at the beach." 

Luna Bay Booch Grapefruit Jalapeño

Luna Bay Booch is a hard kombucha made from Yerba Mate tea, from a female-founded and owned company out of Chicago. Luna Bay Booch prides itself on using locally-grown produce, and donates 1% of sales to environmental nonprofits. Luna Bay's flavor list is extensive, but the grapefruit jalapeño is a perfect pick when you're craving a spicy refreshment. Even though it has some heat from the fresh jalapeño, it is actually a mellow option that even those who are more sensitive to spice will enjoy. The ruby red grapefruit is the stand-out flavor in this can, making it a great option to drink on its own or to mix with a bit of tequila for a unique take on a paloma.

The biggest criticism for Luna Bay Booch Grapefruit Jalapeño on Untappd is that the pepper flavor could be bumped up even more. "That's aggressive grapefruit start to finish. Very effervescent, tea notes, and a touch sweet. Some heat for sure, you feel it every time it hits the tongue. Little Kombucha funk in the finish. Very fun," one user wrote. 

NOVA Sexy Piña Colada

NOVA Easy Kombucha is making it possible to have your piña colada with probiotics, too, thanks to their hand kombucha beverage in the flavor Sexy Piña Colada. It's one of the stronger options on the list with 8% ABV, but the sweet flavors of coconut and pineapple take the forefront. Piña colada and kombucha might not sound like a natural pairing, but you will be shocked at how well this can imitates the flavor of the classic cocktail while still keeping the slight funkiness of a kombucha. One can contains 230 calories and 11 carbs so it's a bit heavier, but still. Not bad when compared to the traditional sugary frozen cocktail. 

One customer wrote on NOVA Kombucha's Instagram that Sexy Piña Colada was their all-time favorite flavor. "I had to go on a road trip back home to the snow and brought some novas with. My friends loved them," the comment reads. 

ROVM Hibiscus Berry

ROVM Hibiscus Berry is a lighter hard kombucha that is full of flavor, but is so balanced that it's easy to down more than one can without noticing. This flavor contains notes of white peony tea, hibiscus flower, strawberries, raspberries, and more. It's acidic without being too tart and floral without resembling perfume. It's a light and sweet finish rather than dry, but it's not overly sweet that it will hurt your teeth. 

Reviews of ROVM Hibiscus Berry on Untappd commend the can for being refreshing and light, like a good alternative to hard seltzer. " Best ROVM flavor so far," one review reads. "Berry forward. Not too dry." It's another option that can be compared to wine, even though the mouthfeel is a bit more light and sweet than a drink that is really full-bodied. If you pour it in a glass and add a few berries, you might be tricked into thinking you're drinking a quick sangria rather than a hard kombucha. 

Strainge Beast Ginger, Lemon, and Hibiscus

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is a pretty well-known craft brewery across the U.S., but they've entered the hard kombucha territory and aren't looking back. The company introduced its Strainge Beast line of hard kombucha which includes one aromatic ginger, lemon, and hibiscus flavor worth seeking out. This can contains 7% ABV and 190 calories. The name of the flavor essentially serves as an ingredient list, because it's a simple yet perfectly executed drink. It has the tang of lemonade, the zest of ginger ale, and the herbal notes of hibiscus tea, all blended into one boozy beverage. 

Customers on Total Wine were quick to commend Strainge Beast's take on hard kombucha. "Comparable brands of hard kombucha fall a little flat – though tasty they often carry that one flavor profile that a spiked seltzer or hard tea would," one review on the website reads. "This one is truly a gift for your taste buds!"

Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer Bourbon Peach

Kombucha beer is the best of both worlds for craft brew enthusiasts looking to branch out into something new. Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer's best-selling flavor bourbon peach is a boozy must-try, especially since the brand has been around since 2011. The flavor is made with bourbon chips, peaches, Michigan hops, and kombucha and contains 8.2% ABV, so it's not for the faint of heart. 

Unity Vibration Bourbon Peach Kombucha Beer is a little bit sour and fruity from the peaches and kombucha, but the hops and bourbon chips give it an oaky quality to balance it out. The name of the flavor and the alcohol content may make you believe this is a heavy beverage, but it's shockingly light."It is phenomenal in taste and quite impressive that these flavors could pair together so well. Super sweet and peachy up front, tart in the middle, slight tea flavor at the end," one satisfied customer wrote in a review on Beer Advocate. 

Walker Brothers High Gravity Citra

Another hoppy option for hard kombucha is Walker Brothers High Gravity Citra. The family-owned company uses whole cone Citra hops for a tropical edge that is noticeably full of citrus and pine notes. It's another can for the beer drinkers to branch out, but it's a bit lighter with just 5% ABV per can. "Really good, favorite high grav kombucha I have tried so far," one Untappd user wrote in a review. "Liked the hops slightly more than the ginger but enjoyed them both and would get again." 

Walker Brothers has been around since 2018, when brothers Sam and Luke Walker founded the company in Nashville. The High Gravity Citra Hops hard kombucha was one of their first releases (via Biz Journals), so it's definitely a can worth trying if you see it at the liquor store to get a feel for what the brand is really all about. 

Wild Tonic Hard Jun Kombucha Blueberry Basil

Hard jun kombucha is similar to regular kombucha, but has the distinct difference of being made with honey rather than cane sugar. The result is a bit sweeter and lighter than the regular stuff, which you can sample with Wild Tonic's Blueberry Basil Hard Jun Kombucha. As previously mentioned, hard kombucha doesn't have all of the probiotics of a lower-alcohol kombucha. However, there are beneficial acids in the alcoholic stuff that are still good for you, Wild Tonic founder Holly Lyman told the Washington Post. "We don't pretend to have any probiotics in our high-alcohol [kombucha] because alcohol killed them," Lyman added. 

Wild Tonic Blueberry Basil is very blueberry-forward with a bit of basil to add some herbal notes. It's less vinegary than some of the other options on the list, if that's a drawback to hard kombucha for you. "Lots of flavor notes. You can smell the honey before you taste the ginger and a hint of.... Lavender maybe," one Untappd user wrote in a review. 

Zesty Raspberry Margarita

Margaritas are good, but aren't exactly "healthy" for you, similarly to a piña colada. One viable replacement to scratch the itch that is also low in calories is Zesty Raspberry Margarita hard kombucha seltzer. It's light, bubbly, and lower on the booze with 4.5% ABV and just 100 calories. Zesty takes oak-aged kombucha an adds raspberries, lime, and a bit of salt to channel the tequila cocktail. The salt is a welcome addition with the tart fruity flavors, and adds more dimension to the beverage. 

Zesty brews its kombucha in Bozeman, Montana using filtered Montana water, organic teas, organic cane sugar, and a SCOBY, and the flavors and magic are added from there. "First hard kombucha is setting the bar pretty high," one Untappd user wrote in a review for the drink. The brand also sells other cocktail-inspired hard kombucha flavors, like blueberry mojito and huckleberry mimosa.