Finally, A Movie Popcorn Bucket That Lasts The Whole Film

Imagine you're at a movie theater enjoying a highly entertaining movie. You're nice and snug in a padded chair with a bottle of Coke in one cup holder, a box of Goobers crammed into the other, and nuzzled into your lap is a bucket of hot popcorn overflowing with dozens of buttery kernels. Now, the question is — how long do you think that bucket of popcorn will last you? Halfway through the movie? Near the end of the first act? Or will it already be halfway gone by the time you're through with the trailers?

The problem of popcorn not lasting through the entire movie has plagued moviegoers for years. Perhaps we eat it so quickly because we're psychologically conditioned to think movie theater popcorn tastes better than the stuff at home thanks to the perfect amount of butter and, of course, the "theatrics" of eating popcorn at the movies (via The Kitchn). Maybe it's because we find ourselves overeating when we're absorbed in stimuli like television or movies, as the Cleveland Clinic reports? 

One theater seems to have finally answered that complex question with a simple answer. Why not just go bigger?

You can get a jumbo tub of popcorn in the UAE

Ever felt that your large size of popcorn isn't large enough? Have you ever thought that considering the price you pay to get in here, you should be eating popcorn from a bucket that's more of a trough than a bucket? At Vox Theaters, you are welcome to bring in your own personal popcorn serving dish — with no size limit.

According to Foodbeast, participating Vox cinemas in the United Arab Emirates are running a promotion that encourages people to "bring their own buckets." So long as you have a movie stub ticket, staff will fill whatever container you brought in to the brim with fresh, hot popcorn. As this TikTok shows, some took full advantage of the deal, bringing in enormous plastic containers to satisfy their popcorn desires. The deal, however, is not permanent, lasting only to July 24. If it were to go on longer, there would no doubt be an insurmountable shortage of popcorn.

If this deal of "bring your own container" sounds familiar, it's because 7-Eleven runs a similar promotion in which customers can fill any sort of mug or cup with their choice of Slurpee. For $2.49, you can bring in a cup of your choice, ranging from mugs to bowls to measuring cups to just about anything big and portable, and fill it with as much flavored frozen slush as you can handle (via PEOPLE).