Why Lupita Nyong'o's 'Ant-Woman' Snack Might Really Bug Marvel's Ant-Man

There is a growing trend of people being more conscious about what they're eating not only for their personal health but for the health of the planet. Plant-based foods check both of those boxes, but another source of protein that is more sustainable than meat is insects. Eating insects might become more common in the future because compared to cows and sheep, insects need a fraction of the food and water and emit far lower volumes of greenhouse gasses (via Healthline). Not only are insects like ants better for the environment, but the bugs are dense in protein. One hundred grams of black ants and adult leaf-cutting ants, for example, can have between 40 and 53 grams of protein.

This trend may take a bit longer to introduce in places like the U.S., but other countries have been eating insects for centuries. "Hormigas culonas" or "big butt" ants are considered a delicacy in Colombia, where locals roast them to bring out a flavor similar to bacon or popcorn (via BBC). In Laos, Weaver ants add a pop of citrus flavor to fish soups. The flavor profile of ants depends on the species, but no matter how good they taste (and even if helping the planet through sustainable insect consumption sounds like something a superhero might support), Ant-Man is probably not pleased to see a fellow member of the Marvel Universe snack on his friends.

Lupita Nyong'o was snacking on a piece of fruit covered in Ant-Man's friends

"Black Panther" and "Us" star Lupita Nyong'o recently posted a video on Instagram of her trying what Page Six described as a mango slice covered with ants. She captioned the video "You can call me Ant-Woman," but we are not sure Ant-Man would be too happy about this meal. "What does Paul Rudd have to say about this," commented @thelizzietea. User vampire_vinoth shared their condolences: "I'm sorry for you @paulrudd_." After all, as Rudd explained to Variety, his Ant-Man character "can shrink to the size of an ant but he retains strength and he can also control ants and talk to ants." Although she may have betrayed a fellow Marvel member with this snack, Nyong'o seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the flavor and said that the ants "weren't even crunchy or anything." 

In the background of the video, you can hear someone explaining that the ants add a citrusy flavor. "I hear they taste lemony! Most of the world eats bugs outside of large western nations," commented one Instagrammer. "I was there with ya ! So surprisingly delish," commented @marisatomei. "adventurous dinner [sp] you are," commented @asmalls77. Paul Rudd has yet to comment on the post, but we imagine he and his fellow ants may be plotting some sort of revenge.