The Unexpected Ingredient You Should Be Adding To Vinaigrette

When it comes to simple salads we all like, a good vinaigrette that can be made at home can make or break this staple meal. Let's face it; we love those leafy greens. Healthline says they are healthy and chock full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. And due to the rise of pre-packaged salad kits, salads are easier to prepare than ever. Statista reveals that in 2020, 242.86 million people in the United States bought and used these bags of salad, and by 2024 that number is expected to swell to 251.47 million.

But without the right dressing, salad can be a little dull and in need of a flavor boost to compliment the sweet, bitter and crunchy taste of your romaine, iceberg, arugula, and microgreens. The good news is you don't have to be a celebrity chef to create a delicious vinaigrette. Epicurious explains that to make this salad dressing, you really only need oil, vinegar, and a little kosher salt. However, that's just a vinaigrette at its most basic. There are so many ways to improve upon its flavor, but according to Reddit, there is an unexpected ingredient you may want to start adding to your recipe.

A little bit of spicy is vinaigrette 'game changer'

Per Reddit, if you really what to up the flavor of your vinaigrette, hot sauce or a little fish sauce can do the trick. The Redditor OviliskTwo wrote, "A little bit of hot sauce (like Crystal) or fish sauce can be unrecognizable in a vinaigrette, dip, or sauce– but it's an absolute game changer. A touch of heat, umami, sugar, or acid can turn a flat dish into something people crave. Little drops, add more. Stop when you taste it and start salivating." We don't know about you, but just the thought makes us want to take a piece of lettuce, sprinkle some spicy vinaigrette on it, and enjoy the flavors.

Turns out Crystal Hot Sauce already has a recipe you can try your hand at to create this dressing. This vinaigrette plays on the signature sweet, fiery, and savory flavors that will make your salads taste that much better. And if you need another reason to try this hot ingredient in your next vinaigrette, a Harvard study says that eating spicy meals can actually decrease your mortality risk. If you are looking for a way to turn up the heat on your salads, this hack may be for you.