The Runny Scrambled Eggs That Are Turning Stomachs On Reddit

When it comes to making eggs, there's really one ingredient that you need above all else: the egg. Whether you're frying, poaching, or hard-boiling, you can do a lot with just one egg. But despite using a single ingredient, eggs can easily go from a nutritious breakfast to unappetizing in just one mistake.

You can make plenty of easy mistakes when you're frying up eggs. You may be cooking your eggs over too high or too low heat, or you may wind up breaking the yolk instead of achieving that perfect sunny-side-up yolk in the center. Taste of Home warns that you may not be whisking your eggs enough when you're making scrambled eggs, or you're not adding any fat such as bacon grease to your eggs. Eggs are deceptively simple and require plenty of patience and a bit of skill to get the most out of these classic breakfast companions.

An example of how finicky eggs can get are the scrambled eggs of one Redditor. On the subreddit appropriately titled r/Eggs, a user by the name of  u/putinside showed off their breakfast, consisting of scrambled eggs, bread, and bacon. While the breakfast wasn't too out of the ordinary, it was how the eggs were prepared that got some users talking.

The scrambled eggs were way too runny

When you think of scrambled eggs, you're most likely thinking about those fluffy, golden piles of eggs you usually get at a diner. The scrambled eggs that u/putinside made were far runnier, resembling a liquified pool of yellow sprinkled with parsley. Some Reddit users were a bit shocked that someone could enjoy such runny eggs, although they conceded that it was all up to how u/putinside liked them.

"Too runny for me, but you do you if you like it!" said u/awildencounter.

"Way too runny, but hey, if I can trust the source of the eggs I can see eating them with these toasts," wrote u/ArakiSatoshi. "You know, by dipping them into the eggs like it's a sauce."

"A bit too runny for me. You might as well make hollandaise sauce instead," noted user/thecheesypita.

But how exactly can you get runny scrambled eggs to begin with? Making creamy, somewhat liquid eggs can be achieved through a focus on cooking the eggs over low heat to prevent evaporation of water and the optional addition of milk or heavy cream (via Kitchn). Some people enjoy runny scrambled eggs for their creamy, soft texture and light, delicate curds.

If you've accidentally made eggs that you feel are too runny, KitchenSeer suggests adding flour to help thicken them or cooking them over higher heat to help evaporate the high water content.