You Can Get A Free Tesla Just For Tasting Animal-Free Ice Cream

We've got plenty of choices these days when it comes to plant-based ice cream. There are fan-favorite brands like Ben & Jerry's and Halo Top, as well as strictly vegan brands such as Craig's, NadaMoo!, and Brave Robot (per Food52). Brave Robot is relatively new to the ice cream game, having just debuted in 2020, but according to Food Business, the brand is confident that its ice cream is "next-generation food." 

What exactly is next-generation food, though? The brand's ice cream is made with milk proteins from fermented microflora and plants, a process pioneered by partner-brand Perfect Day (per Brave Robot). In other words, the ice cream has the taste and texture of traditional dairy ice cream, but without lactose, hormones, antibiotics, or any use of animals.

Brave Robot has the usual classic flavors of vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and chocolate chip cookie dough, but it also has a number of unique flavors, like blueberry pie, raspberry white truffle, or chocolate cherry brownie. Even better, Brave Robot is currently running a promotion where tasting its ice cream can win you a slick, new ride. 

What does a Tesla have to do with plant-based ice cream?

At first glance, Brave Robot ice cream has nothing to do with a Tesla. However, consider this: Both electric cars and animal-free dairy are wildly futuristic ideas in terms of environmental impact. According to Perfect Day, its process for making the milk proteins that Brave Robot uses creates 97% less carbon emissions than traditional dairy. The company also says it uses up to 60% less energy and up to 99% less blue water than traditional dairy. Perfect Day has even partnered with Mars to launch a plant-based chocolate bar and has created dairy-free cheeses — all of which the company says are significantly less harmful to the environment to produce. 

All that being said, Brave Robot is currently promoting a contest with a grand prize of a Tesla Model 3, as well as a solar panel kit to charge the ride. Per the Hot Bot Summer Sweepstakes, all you have to do to enter is purchase Brave Robot ice cream at any Kroger grocery store or affiliated location through September 18. Then, type in the code found on your receipt and you'll be entered into the contest. And even if you don't win, you may find your new favorite ice cream — we call that a win-win.