Papa Murphy's Just Added The Dipping Sauces You've Always Wanted

Let's face it. Some foods just don't taste as good without a little something sprinkled or drizzled on top. For instance, what's the point of tucking into a plate of French fries with no ketchup? And what's a burger without a slice or two of gooey, melted cheese?

While undoubtedly delicious on its own, some might say the same thing about pizza. There are so many ways to elevate pizza, whether it's a store-bought frozen za' or a fresh pie that you bring home from your local pizza parlor. Southern Living recommends layering on a little pesto, chile oil, or hot honey, which is an especially delicious decision if your pizza is topped with pepperoni. As The Takeout puts it, "there's something about the honey that amplifies the flavor of pepperoni like crazy." While cheese lovers should consider adding grated parmesan, burrata, or ricotta on top of their already cheesy dish, you can also never go wrong with also adding some greens like baby spinach or arugula. If you love spicing up your pizza with additional ingredients, you may want to consider sauntering over to your local Papa Murphy's. This Washington-based chain has just debuted a line of dipping sauces designed to perfectly pair with its pizzas.

Three new creamy, saucy ways to dip

According to Chew Boom, Papa Murphy's just debuted a line of three different dipping sauces: garlic butter, ranch, and marinara. Customers who would prefer a dipping sauce with a creamy consistency can opt for the garlic butter, which Papa Murphy's described as "creamy and savory," or the ranch dipping sauce, which includes a "fresh and tasty blend of ranch, herbs, and creamy buttermilk. If you would prefer to dip your pizza in a sauce that's a bit more light and fresh, the marinara might be the way to go, which is "made with ripe tomatoes and Italian spices." Depending on where you live, each dipping sauce will add 99 cents to $1.39 to your order.

Papa Murphy's has a history of trying to appeal to as many pizza lovers as possible. This pizza-based chain has dairy-free cheese that is catered towards those who are lactose intolerant, while one of its newest menu additions — Violife cheese — is a win for vegans. If you like doctoring up your pizza at home, you'll be pleased to know that all of Papa Murphy's pies are Take 'n' Bake. Buyers can heat up these ready-made pizzas whenever they want to and customize them to their heart's content.