If You're A Cookie-Loving Artist, DoubleTree Has Just The Contest For You

The collective pull toward chocolate chip cookies is woven into the American psyche just as deeply as hamburgers and apple pie. Contrary to the myth that its origin was a happy accident, the treat was invented in the kitchen of the Massachusetts Toll House Inn by chef Ruth Wakefield in the 1930s, and the first recipe appeared shortly thereafter in Wakefield's "Tried and True" cookbook (per The New Yorker). Little did Wakefield know, her humble "Toll House Crunch Cookie" would give rise to one of the most timeless, comforting, and ubiquitously beloved treats in the history of the cookie-verse. 

While it might not be quite as famous as Ruth Wakefield's version, anyone who's spent the night at a DoubleTree by Hilton knows that one of the best things about the hotel chain is the signature warm chocolate chip cookies it doles out to guests at check-in. The recipe uses Nestlé Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chips, just like the original, but adds oats, walnuts, and a little lemon juice for a uniquely textured, irresistibly gooey cookie. If you're familiar with the brand's welcome treat and want to share your artistic rendering of it with the world, DoubleTree by Hilton has something sweet in store for you.

Your chocolate chip cookie drawing could win you travel perks

In honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (Thursday, August 4), DoubleTree by Hilton is calling all artistically inclined cookie lovers to participate in its DoubleTree Doodle Contest, per press materials obtained by Mashed. The inaugural contest invites fans to submit drawings of the brand's signature chocolate chip cookie by posting photos to Instagram or Twitter and using the hashtag #DoubleTreeDoodleContest. The winner will have their design featured on the cookie sleeves at "more than 350" DoubleTree by Hilton locations across the country, as well as five free hotel stays, complimentary airfare, and one million Hilton Honors Points. 

Fans of these chocolate chip cookies were stoked when DoubleTree shared the official recipe in 2020, and now it'll come in handy for hopeful participants looking for a real-life model of the cookie to base their doodle upon. If you're not into baking, maybe you could use the contest as an excuse to book yourself a staycation at your local DoubleTree, if only for the free treat.