How Much Hell's Kitchen Contestants Really Sleep

Few can think of a fate worse than being a contestant on "Hell's Kitchen." Sure, you'll learn under the tutelage of the highly skilled Gordon Ramsay. Yes, you'll be provided with a bevy of opportunities to test your skill and prove your mettle. And, you will even be in the running to win a glorious new position at one of the culinary genius's famed restaurants. The obstacles that you'll face, however, are so daunting that they would have most people screaming, "I'm out of here," as they flee.   

First and foremost, you'll have to develop a rather thick hide to avoid crumbling when Ramsay shouts things such as, "Hey, Panini-Head," "I wish you would jump in the oven," or his infamous, "Eff off, get out of here" (per Spoon University). You'll also have to become an expert at ducking and weaving as he fires undercooked poultry and overdone Wellingtons in your direction. Secondly, if your team loses a challenge, you might wind up separating the recycling from the garbage or receiving a back-breaking delivery (per Hell's Kitchen Fandom). And, finally, as Delish warns, in an attempt to cope with the stress, you may take up smoking. According to the show's Executive Producer, Arthur Smith, Season 2 started with four smokers, but ended with 10. 

Yes, with so much drama on "Hell's Kitchen," a lengthy stay here is not for the faint of heart. Or anyone who values their sleep. 

Hell's Kitchen contestants get zero to five hours sleep each night

Most "Hell's Kitchen" contestants say that their sleep ranges from zero to five hours each night. Why so little? A good night's rest would be hard enough to achieve without the day's events racing through your head. With the team's in-fighting, Gordon Ramsay's wrathful moments, and worries about tomorrow's contests, shutting off one's brain must be a near impossible feat. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing conspiring against the competitors' Z's.

For one thing, the dorms are not exactly conducive to rest. The Things compares them to army barracks that, in the beginning, are shared by five complete strangers. Another problem is that at the end of the dinner service and elimination, they still have to cook for themselves, according to Delish. Yup, they may have sore feet, a stress headache, and extreme exhaustion, but they still have to eat. Plus, they can't even get comfort or encouragement from friends or family, as The Things reports that they are forbidden to have contact with anyone outside the show. To make matters worse, the show's schedule is brutal. According to The Richest, they often endure 19-hour days and don't get to hit the hay until after 2 a.m. 

It appears that the "Hell's Kitchen" design keeps its competitors in a state of perpetual exhaustion. If you love nothing more a Rip Van Winkle-style nap, this contest is not for you.