Doug Haus' New Burger Has An Unlikely Inspiration

Summer is here, which means family gatherings, picnics, and epic grilling sessions on your back porch. Unfortunately, the outdoor season doesn't offer a break from your regular job, so having a place to grab a tasty hot dog or burger on the go without compromising quality is appreciated. Luckily, Dog Haus, a "craft casual" restaurant offering one-of-a-kind hot dogs and burgers (and an array of craft beers and cocktails), has you covered. While the California-born restaurant began its journey in 2010, its niche hot dog approach is taking off. The chain saw its popularity rise in 2020 due to curbside pickup, charitable donations, and third-party sales through the company's Absolute Brands startup (per Restaurant News).

Dog Haus' increased success not only comes from adding locations and offering delivery services, but also its partnerships with specialty chefs through its Chef Collaboration Series – a concept that has proved successful for several chains across the United States (via Restaurant Business). Not only is the series building funds for Dog Haus' No Kid Hungry campaign, but it's also fueling the creation of unique menu items, like the brand's newest burger that harkens back to strange family dynamics.

Dog Haus' new Uncle Morty burger

Dog Haus is infusing some strange uncle vibes into its latest burger, called "The Uncle Morty," which was developed with YouTube personality and chef Sam Zien. The all-beef burger features white American cheese, caramelized onions, and pastrami grilled with mustard. The masterpiece is then finished off with garlic aioli, and dill pickles, all stuffed between toasted King's Hawaiian Rolls (via Restaurant News). Zien says the burger is reminiscent of that one "funcle" we all have who, "always does something a little unexpected that makes everything better – just like the pastrami" (via Restaurant News).

Zien isn't new to the list of Dog Haus contributors: In 2020, "Sam The Cooking Guy" partnered with the chain to bring customers the "Mr. Miyagi," a deep-friend hot dog with teriyaki sauce, mayo, and wasabi furikake. After the item debuted, Zien told Restaurant News he couldn't wait, "to introduce more original items for The Absolute Brands in support of No Kid Hungry." The charity is working to launch and improve programs that provide healthy food the children around the country.

While there are tons of tips for making the best burger at home, if you fancy a try of Dog Haus' "Uncle Morty," it will be available from August 1 through September 30 at all U.S. locations (via Restaurant News). Even better, $1 of every burger order will benefit No Kid Hungry.