The Costco Dinnerware Set That Has Instagram Confused

Every few years, it seems that the internet stumbles across something as inexplicable as the Yanny or Laurel debate that originated on Reddit back in 2018. Well, okay, there's some science behind why some people hear 'Yanny' and some hear 'Laurel,' but you get the point.

These situations usually arise when the internet can't agree on something, like what color an article of clothing is. For instance, in 2015, 'The Dress' sent everyone into a frenzy debating whether it was blue and black or white and gold. As Business Insider explains it, the colors of the dress and the lighting of the image mess with the receptors in our eyes, making some of us perceive the colors differently.

In 2019, a similar optical illusion occurred with a pair of sneakers. According to the Times of India, some people saw gray sneakers with blue detailing, while others saw pink sneakers with white detailing. And now, here in 2022, this color conundrum is happening again, this time with a Costco dinnerware set.

What color is Costco's new dinnerware set?

When Costco Hot Finds shared the new Costco dinnerware sets on Instagram, they undoubtedly weren't expecting all the questions and comments to be about the colors. In their caption, they simply wrote that they liked the big bowls included in the sets and that they would be perfect for salads and soups (Chicken and dumplings was ranked as one of the best soup recipes of 2021, so personally, we'd start there.)

But Costco shoppers viewing the post had very different thoughts. One set is decidedly blue, but the other set had people asking, "green or gray?" The account replied that the second set was "more of a green." Problem solved, right? Nope.

These 16-piece sets, priced at $64.99, are available in two colors on the Costco website. These colors? Blue, of course, and gray. Although the set looks grayer on the website than in the Instagram post, it still has enough of a green tint that you could argue it's green. All in the eye of the beholder, we suppose. Either way, those bowls would look great filled with a quick potato soup recipe