The Butter You Need To Be Buying At Sam's Club

A visit to the grocery store in 2022 consists of a series of disappointed sighs and whispering "What?" to yourself when you see the prices of pretty much anything. According to Forbes, beef, chicken, eggs, rice, pasta, cornmeal, milk, and butter have been most affected by inflation. And butter is a staple item for a lot of Americans, so the 16% year-over-year price increase compared to last year is no joke, notes Cobank.

Not only are consumers feeling the effects of higher prices at the grocery store, but the producers are struggling as well. Dairy farmers are facing higher production costs, such as feed for the cows, as well as staffing shortages (per Cobank).

A potential butter shortage looms in the future. But for now, people are still buying it — even at a much higher price. According to The Kitchn, over the last 12 months, Land O'Lakes saw an increase of more than 12% in net sales. Although there are plenty of butter alternatives, it's hard to compete with that rich, buttery taste. Luckily for budget-conscious shoppers, one Redditor shared a money-saving hack for how they stock up on the good stuff at Sam's Club.

Sam's Club has an awesome deal on Kerrygold Irish butter

Even before the pandemic, Irish butter cost about $1 more on average than American butter, according to AllRecipes. The real difference between Irish butter and regular butter is that European butter has a higher butterfat content, resulting in a richer flavor, per The New York Times. If butter is a major flavor component in a dish, such as shortbread, there's no substitution for Irish butter.

Many consumers are willing to visit multiple grocery stores and do their research to find affordable prices for what they want. However, in this case, one Redditor did the research for shoppers and found a great deal on Kerrygold Irish butter at Sam's Club.

"Went to Sam's Club solely because they have the best price on Kerrygold. 6 sticks for $9. Might as well stock up," wrote the Redditor in the caption. Fellow Redditors were delighted to learn about this deal. "i love kerry gold butter, you could cover a brick with it and i'd eat it," commented one Reddit user. "Oh my GOD that's a steal," said another Redditor. The original poster added that they spent $56 on butter on this trip because it was the best price they could find in their area. Go big or go home, right?