Why A Well-Known NYC Soup Chain Shut Down Overnight

It's not very often that soup is the main feature when you eat out, especially at quick service spots. Hale and Hearty was one of the exceptions. Its menu featured such soups varieties as Baja Shrimp, Coconut Chicken, and Chili Mac & Cheese, among many others – the restaurant's website says Hale and Hearty has come up with "hundreds of soups." The lineup also included salads and sandwiches. But according to the New York Post, all of the Hale and Hearty stores have closed down suddenly.

When the New York Post first broke the news, there wasn't a specifically stated reason that all 16 stores across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island shut down at once. The brand's website still lists the addresses of the stores, but there's some speculation and ideas about why Hale and Hearty had to close. Previously, the chain had 21 locations, but some of those restaurants have closed in recent years because of COVID-19. One location is being sued by a food vendor and its landlord for unpaid invoices and rent respectively.

Today also reported that three other landlords have sued Hale and Hearty for unpaid rent, and employees have also sued the soup chain because they were allegedly owed $54,000 in worker's compensation. All of the stores were reportedly closed on July 1.

Will Hale and Hearty open up any of its stores again?

If you're wondering whether this soup and sandwich chain will reopen its doors, it's unclear. While the store's initial message indicated a temporary closure, there might be reasons for fans not to get their hopes up too much. According to the New York Post, there were signs on the store windows that announced Hale and Hearty wanted to hire new employees. However, the contact form on the company's website is no longer working, and the chain hasn't responded to media requests from outlets like Thrillist as of this writing.

It's been about a month since the stores first closed down, and it still doesn't seem like anyone from the company has any news about reopening or why the stores all shut down in the first place. But the fact that Hale and Hearty's closed doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a warm bowl of soup. Here are some soups that will fill your bowl with goodness. And when you make your soup of choice, don't forget this one trick that will upgrade your soup recipes.