The Game-Changing Coffee Creamer We All Need, According To TikTok

Cereal and milk are a classic breakfast combo. In fact, according to Fox News, when it comes to this morning meal, cereal has earned both our love and appreciation, making it into the "top five breakfast foods" we crave. The news site revealed that according to a Sabra survey, 56% of individuals search their kitchen cabinets for their favorite box of cereal at the crack of dawn. We get it. Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Life — cereal is a quick and convenient option that gets us out the door quicker. It also goes perfectly alongside your a.m. cup of joe, which 58% of participants said they drink to get the "giddy" in their giddy-up.

But have you ever considered putting these two breakfast staples together in a rather unconventional way? While most of us try to achieve the perfect ratio of milk to cereal to avoid waste, many cereal lovers may find they still have milk in the bowl after they've eaten the last crunchy (or less than crunchy) flake. So, what do you do with that leftover milk once the cereal is gone? Per a Giant Bomb forum poll, 78% of cereal eaters say they drink that leftover milk straight from their bowl. However, a social media maven on TikTok says you can also use that cereal-infused dairy by using it as a game-changing creamer for your coffee.

Forget the half-and-half

One TikTok video, which has received more than 696.8K likes and a lot of chatter, encourages viewers to soak cereal in milk for a couple of hours to absorb all those sugary flavors. From there, the user walks fans through the process of separating the cereal from the milk by filtering, and pouring the cereal milk into your coffee. In the video, the TikToker uses Golden Grahams to sweeten their milk and a cold brew coffee. The cereal-infused milk is whipped into a foam before pouring it into the java. Followers of the account had lots of thoughts. One suggested, "Idk if you have a fruity pebbles one but if you don't could you try it?" While another noted, "There are Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Creamers at the store now, they are awesome."

Still, this idea of using cereal milk in your coffee isn't a new concept. Starbucks offers a recipe for cereal milk coffee using cinnamon cereal. And Reddit has a thread dedicated to cereal milk in your coffee. One member of the Reddit community said, "Captain crunch coffee sounds intriguing." Another member seemed baffled and confused, writing, "People don't drink their cereal milk????" Well, maybe they won't be drinking it now that they know they can use it as a coffee creamer.