Dunkin' Is Literally Begging For An Iced Coffee Emoji

In 2018, Brandwatch claimed that nearly all internet users — 95% — have used an emoji at least once. So it's pretty apparent that emojis have become a global phenomenon. And although there is already an impressive amount of emojis available at iPhone users' fingertips, the number and types keep on growing. In fact, Statista anticipated that by the year 2023 there will be around 3,491 emojis options for people worldwide to use to express themselves.

But if you feel like the internet has no need for any new emojis, you'll find many people passionately disagree with you. For example, lovers of rosé banded together to push for Apple to add a pink wine emoji to their iPhone keyboards in 2021. And now a champion for those who love the cooler side of coffee has risen to the challenge of fighting for an emoji it apparently thinks the world deserves. Known for being one of America's favorite caffeine hookups, Dunkin' sounds like a likely candidate to bring the idea of an iced coffee emoji to Apple's attention. And the company has a pretty interesting strategy for trying to make Apple give in to its demand — keep posting TikToks about not having an iced coffee emoji until Apple finally caves in.

Dunkin' won't back down until there is an iced coffee emoji

So far, Dunkin' has posted three consecutive videos asking Apple to create an iced coffee emoji. The first video, posted on July 13, shows a person asking for someone to make them angry so that they can feel something. The subject that ignites their fury is, of course, that Apple does not have an iced coffee emoji. The second video, posted the next day, shows someone agreeing with a Twitter post's confusion about the absence of an iced coffee emoji. The third TikTok (but maybe not the last) was uploaded on July 15 and asked that the ice coffee emoji appear in honor of world emoji day on July 16. It tragically did not.

Judging by the comment sections of the three TikToks, Dunkkin' isn't alone in its war for the iced coffee emoji. One user noted their distress over not having the emoji, writing, "Right?! Still waiting on that one. I ONLY drink cold coffee. I need my emoji!" Another posted, in reference to the currently non-existent iced coffee emoji, "GIVE IT TO US!!!However, while there is corporate and public power behind the movement for an iced coffee emoji, it's ultimately up to Apple to decide whether Dunkin' will ever stop tagging it in TikTok videos.