Rosé Fans Are Demanding A New 'Pink Wine' Emoji

Love 'em or hate 'em, emojis are the miniature keyboard illustrations of everyday objects, animals, faces, foods and drinks, and universal symbols that have essentially become a language all their own. For many digital device users, they certainly come in handy when cheekily conveying emotions and activities via text message, or even crafting the perfect Instagram caption. As the age-old saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." And luckily, there's a representative emoji for just about everything — a broken heart, a giraffe, a ferris wheel, a bagel with cream cheese. Heck, there's even one emoji per astrological sign. However, from an avid emoji user's standpoint, many believe there is still plenty of room for creativity and inclusivity.

For wine drinkers that want to express their love for their occasional glass of fermented grape juice, only one variety is available — red. No offense whatsoever to red wine, because don't get us wrong, merlot, cabernet, pinot noir, and shiraz are all wonderful. It's just that, well ... winos feel like the emoji keyboard could use a little more diversity when it comes to their favorite nightcap or Sunday funday go-to potion. And you can bet that rosé enthusiasts around the globe are making their voices heard.

How possible is a rosé emoji?

So, when can we brag to our friends that we just popped open a bottle of rosé without using real words? It's tough to say at the moment, but rest assured, diligent action is being taken. A couple dozen new emojis are typically added on an annual basis — usually coinciding with major operating system updates. For example, the latest batch included a heart on fire and an exhaling face (per Emojipedia). The Unicode Technical Committee, the organization in charge of determining and designing new characters, have declined the proposition to create a white wine emoji. But now, it's the rosé fans that are taking a whack at creating a more colorful keyboard. 

According to Food Network, the famous Italian rosé consortium Consorzio di Tutela del Chiaretto e del Bardolino has started a petition to add a new emoji to the menu that includes two clinking glasses of rosé with a sweet pink heart floating overhead. "Sharing on social media the pleasure of drinking a glass of pink wine is difficult due to the absence of a rosé wine icon on smartphones and PCs," the consortium said. "Why not give them a proper representation?" (via Decanter). If you feel so inclined to support the effort, you can digitally "sign" the official petition on At this point, all we can do now is take action, keep the faith, and hope for some sort of miracle.