Cutwater Spirits Has A Refreshing New Offering For National Rum Day

Yes, like many other surprising National food and drink days, "National Rum Day" also exists. The summer day, which occurs on August 16, commemorates all things rum. The sweet beverage is 26% of Americans' go-to liquor and is a summer bar staple, according to a survey conducted by National Today's data science team.

Though people may celebrate this holiday with heaps of frozen piña coladas in modern times, rum's origin actually dates back centuries. It was enjoyed by settlers in the 1600s and was highly sought after in the Triangle of Trade (via Students of History). Since its mass production, people have gotten creative with the ways they enjoy rum, from frozen daiquiris to Mai Tais (via A Couple Cooks).

As mentioned before, the popularity of this drink is especially heightened during the summer months. Thus, with the warmer temperatures and the upcoming day of celebration, Cutwater Spirits is one brand that's releasing a special line of products for its customers to enjoy.

Cutwater offers canned mojitos in three summery flavors

Rum isn't just a hard alcohol for beachside cocktails and popular punches. Unlike canned hard seltzers, which are known for being quite affordable when sold in bulk, mojitos aren't really known for being the most cost-effective or travel-friendly. Mojitos are typically served in tall glasses, packed with ice, and have fresh, muddled mint according to the Professional Bartending School. Furthermore, depending on the bar, mojitos can cost as much as $14 (via Foodly).

But this summer, Cutwater is offering you mojitos that you can easily enjoy at summer parties with three new canned mojito rum drinks in a variety pack. According to a press release obtained by Mashed, the San Diego beverage manufacturer's new mojito party pack comes in the flavors Mint & Lime, Passion Fruit Guava, and Mango Watermelon. The 12 oz cans are sold in both packs of eight and four. Cracking open a Cutwater mojito is just one of many ways this year's National Rum Day can be celebrated.