Trader Joe's New Item Will Majorly Upgrade Your Charcuterie Boards

There are a few essential ingredients that come to mind when thinking of a charcuterie board. Per Food & Wine, a typical board is bursting with flavor from cured meats, pickles, jams, cheese, and even fresh fruit. Typically, those of age pair charcuterie boards with beer or wine as well. The tradition of charcuterie boards began in France with some of the food preservation methods being utilized as early as the times of the Roman Empire, per WTSO. The name itself directly translates to "cooked flesh" in French, and the method of salting and smoking the meat helped to ensure it stayed fresh.

When preparing your own charcuterie board, Food and Wine suggests focusing on an ingredient that is already sliced, an element that comes whole but you slice, a spread of some sort, elements that add a bit of pizzazz and variety, and something to drink. Meats must be very thin; some options are prosciutto, mortadella, or speck. Recently, an Instagram post highlighting a new Trader Joe's product made choosing one item for your charcuterie board simple.

The new spice of life

Charcuterie boards are about to get a spicy revamp. User @traderjoeslist shared a new Trader Joe's find in a July 29 Instagram post. The photo is of garlic and jalapeño stuffed olives, and the user says their "taste buds are extremely curious how all these flavors will meld together." The post continues, "The bigger question is do I need to also buy ingredients to make a Bloody Mary/Bloody Maria?"

One user commented to share their love for the product. "They are really good. I'm on my third jar!" they wrote. Others are equally as excited as the OP to try them. "I love jalapeño stuffed olives and I love garlic stuffed olives so this combo is blowing my mind," an Instagrammer wrote. Another comment said, "I cannot recommend these enough." Along with the idea of using these olives on a charcuterie board, Instagrammers are stoked about their potential in a dirty martini recipe. In the end, no matter what they're used for, the olives are sure to be a unique, spicy snack.