What You Need To Know About The Latest Protein Shake Recall

Inflation in the U.S. is still on a slow uphill burn, and people are feeling pressure to work long hours to make up for those price increases. Deciding what you're going to eat the following day is probably the last thing on your mind after working a long shift. Having a protein bar or shake handy for when hunger strikes is a fast and typically nutritious option that goes hand in hand with the protein supplement market and its recent surge in popularity (per Globe Newswire). Not only is the protein arena expected to grow over the next five years, but more ordinary people, beyond those enthralled with health and fitness, are buying into fast protein bars and drinks as a fast and healthy alternative with endless options (via DairyReporter).

Speaking of immeasurable choices, for the brand Premier Protein, the assortment is almost overwhelming with some Premier flavors ranking better in taste than others. Some find Premier Protein problematic, and in a recent review of its popular shakes, Illuminate Labs thought the addition of natural and artificial additives makes it a less desirable option for those who want a protein drink without the extras.

A few days ago Lyons Magnus LLC released a recall of over 50 products nationwide, including not only Premier Protein items but products of one popular plant-based milk brand and a company known for high-quality coffee beans.

Over 50 products recalled for microbial contamination

On July 29th, Lyons Magus LLC recalled 53 products of many different brands including alternative milk company Oatly, Stumptown, Premier Protein, and more (via FDA). The recall is due to microbial contamination from the Cronobacter sakazakii organism. According to the CDC, Cronobacter can typically be found in dry milk, water, and infant formulas. It has the ability to withstand "very dry conditions."

Cronobacter infections are rare but for those who experience fever, vomiting, or symptoms relating to a urinary tract infection, the FDA recommends seeking medical assistance. For a complete list of recalled products go to the FDA website and if you happen to have one of the recalled products in your possession based on the lot code and best-by dates, you are supposed to either throw the product away or return it to the place of purchase for a refund. Any questions regarding the recall should be directed to the Lyons Magnus website or by calling the company's support center open 24/7 at 1-800-627-0557.

Earlier this year Abbott released a recall over rare but deadly cases of a Cronobacter infection found in specific infant formulas such as Similac and Alimentum (per FDA). While the July 29th list of products does not include formula, this is the second substantial recall in the U.S. this year regarding the Cronobacter organism so drink wisely and check the recommended packaging dates if you happen to have one of these products in your home.