Why Sam's Club Shoppers Are Rushing To Grab Frozen Snow Crab

A deal on seafood is as good as finding gold, as seafood is one of the most expensive types of protein available (via The Cold Wire). Due to overfishing and pollution, supply is too low to meet demand, driving up the prices as seafood consumption becomes more popular. The costs can also be attributed to health benefits and problems when it comes to catching and maintaining this type of food.

However, even a pricier type of seafood like lobster wasn't always for the elite. According to History, what's now a delicacy was once used as fishing bait and fed to prisoners because it was so plentiful. The stigma behind the shellfish began to lift during the late 1800s, and today, it's known as a healthy protein full of potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, and many vitamins.

Earlier this year, the rising price of crab was said to be traced back to bad weather, per WLOX. Desporte Seafood owner Sean Desporte noted that he had never seen crab prices this high and blamed it on cold rain and tremendous wind. That's why when an Instagram user posted a Sam's Club deal on crab meat, many commenters who know that crab can be so expensive were rightfully excited.

A major price drop

If you've been holding off on crab meat this year due to the high prices, you're going to love this news. Instagram user @samsclubmembers excitedly shared a price drop on Sam's Club crab meat on July 31. Originally priced at $44.98, the 2-pound bag of frozen wild caught snow crab legs and claws was on sale for $20 off, costing just $24.98. These numbers are significant due to typical 2022 prices; in February, lump blue crab was $34 a pound and jumbo lump crab was around $43 per pound, according to WLOX.

The comments were full of customers asking when the deal would end, which the OP answered with "while supplies last." Another Instagrammer shared their experience with the current deal. "We bought a couple bags last weekend and made a crab boil. It was delicious," they wrote. Tons of posters tagged their friends and family to share the deal, and many made plans for upcoming meals. It's safe to say the majority of people are thrilled about this new price drop.