The Whole Foods Oyster Deal TikTok Can't Get Enough Of

Nothing says summer like a serving of the freshest, best oysters. Picture this: a seaside meal complete with warm-weather cocktails and a dozen fresh oysters served on ice. Still, those small shellfish can actually be quite pricey, with the higher-end varieties going for as much as $5 each at restaurants.

There are a number of factors at play when determining the cost of an oyster. The source and availability come into play, per Los Angeles Magazine. Plus, seasonality makes a difference. The Spruce Eats reports that the best time to consume oysters is anytime but the summer months because the cooler waters mean the oysters aren't reproducing — the spawning process can negatively affect flavor. There is less of a chance of falling ill due to lower bacteria counts in cold ocean water compared to warm ocean water.

Though there are things to consider when eating — and paying — for oysters, it doesn't mean there isn't a great deal out there that is both low cost and high flavor. Just ask TikTok, whose users say Whole Foods has one of the best oyster deals out there.

TikTok says Whole Foods might be the best spot for oysters

No need to head to a five-star seafood restaurant for good-quality oysters. According to TikTok, the best oysters in town might actually be at your local Whole Foods. One user posted a video of $1 oysters available at Whole Foods, with several varieties for sale. However, he added that consumers must purchase at least a dozen oysters to get the $1 each deal. The post took viewers through the process of purchasing and shucking the oysters, and after eating their first oyster of the night, the TikToker said that he "10/10 will do it again."

Someone commented to let viewers in on yet another secret: "They shuck it for you and put it over ice if you ask them!" And while plenty of people were thrilled to learn of the deal, a few users did point out that the deal likely only exists because the oysters would otherwise go bad if they don't sell shortly after they're shipped in. Still, if that's the case, it's at least a testament to their freshness. Though the user couldn't confirm that the deal takes place at every location, Whole Foods does list the $1 oysters as a weekly special.