Katy Perry's 'Pizza Shower,' Explained

It seems like face-to-face interaction with fans would have the potential to get weird and go sideways for a celebrated pop artist like Katy Perry, but the "Roar” singer clearly adores her fans, who call themselves the Katycats, and relishes opportunities to get up close and personal with them — even while onstage.

Remember the 2015 Rock in Rio concert in Brazil, when Perry brought a fan named Rayane on stage — a fan who proceeded to lick the star's neck, get touchy-feely, and whisper in her ear (per Nylon)? Things could have gotten really ugly, but seasoned professional Perry made lemonade out of lemons, and handled the exchange with aplomb and humor. She even found out that the word pizza is the same in English and Portuguese.

Speaking of pizza: Perry must have ordered a couple of pies in advance of a recent nightclub appearance in Las Vegas. The hungry crowd was happy to have her share some slices with them (per Today), though we're wondering why the fans weren't treated to Katy Perry's favorite comfort food.

Today's special: Katy Perry's hand-tossed pizza

When you think of pizza tossing, one might imagine Italian pizza artisans casually tossing and spinning dough in the air and somehow never dropping it. Katy Perry of "I Kissed a Girl” fame put her own spin on pizza tossing in Vegas when she started hurling slices of what appeared to be pepperoni pizza at the audience, although Perry announced she and her dog were going vegan on Twitter earlier this year. Some of the slices were on paper plates or napkins and some weren't, but no matter. The crowd ate it up — even the slices that landed on the floor, Page Six reports.

Perry shared a fan's video of her pizza shower on Twitter and captioned it, "A mother feeding her children.” The video went viral and the Twitterverse had plenty to say about it. "Check 'em out living for that Katy Perry hand-tossed pizza,” one fan wrote. "Why would anyone want to catch a floppy piece of pizza with the cheese separated from the bread, getting sauce all over their hands?,” inquired another. No matter how you slice it, Perry knows how to keep herself and her fans entertained.