Katy Perry's Favorite Comfort Food Is Oddly Specific

Comfort foods are those simple pleasures that unite us. "Regular Jane" to A-list celebrity, sometimes food just makes us happy. While for some, we're reminiscing about mom's special meatloaf recipe, other's prefer a deep dish pepperoni or grilled cheese and tomato soup. Comfort foods aren't necessarily healthy for our bodies, but tend to lift our spirits. Science backs this up by sharing that comfort foods provide a psychological boost and a "hit" of dopamine to our systems (via Magellan TV). We use comfort foods to relieve stress, boost moods, and generate feelings of warmth and caring that are often associated with childhood.

In this habit, Katy Perry is just like the rest of us, craving a childhood favorite of many as her favorite comfort food. However, while Perry's go-to is chicken nuggets, not just any chicken nuggets will do (via Us Weekly). While the top-level performer may take up to 26 vitamins and supplements a day, the only food she goes after when she's in need of a pick-me-up are "boot-shaped" nuggets. This leads us to the great foodie question, what's the deal with nugget shapes anyway?

The assorted shapes of chicken nuggets

One of the most popular nugget vendors is McDonald's with their famous Chicken McNuggets. While it's no surprise that these bites may make a comfort food list, did you know there are some very specific shapes for nuggets? Produced in only four designs, you might be snacking on the bell, ball, boot, or bowtie, which is sometimes called the "bone" (via Business Insider). Information once published on McDonald's Canada shares that each cookie cutter nugget isĀ "pressed out with a rolling cookie cutter," which allows for more even cooking.

As for why they are made into four select shapes, the answer is relatively simple: McNuggets are designed to appeal to kids and "three would've been too few" while "five would've been, like, wacky." The whimsical designs are definitely kid-friendly, but also appeal to one's inner child. We'd have to agree with Katy Perry, chicken nuggets are a fabulous comfort food.