Twitter May Have Solved Oreo's Mysterious Fall Flavor Hint

Since its creation in 1912, Oreo has churned out seemingly countless cookie flavors (via the company's website). We've seen Oreos of the lemon variety, with peppermint creme, Oreos with candies that crackle like fireworks in your mouth. We've seen way more flavors than we could possibly name and at least one we don't even know the name of. When you tack on all the seasonal flavors, Oreos have appeared in more than 85 different varieties over the last century, according to Medium.

There have been so many different varieties and so many claims about them that Snopes has pointed out alleged versions that don't exist (at least not yet), such as chicken, Spam, and crab cake. While fans of the brand might find the (real) flavors fun on their own, their excitement could get kicked up a notch if they can guess what the next flavor will be. Oreo recently dropped a cryptic post on its social media pages, getting cookie lovers riled up over a possible new flavor.

What fall flavor will Oreo try this year?

On August 2, the Oreo Twitter account dropped a photo of a golden cookie with orange filling, flavors unknown, with the caption, "A new season is coming. Come back here at 10 am ET [August 3] for more details." Oh, and we can't forget the eyes emoji, followed by an orange heart.

So what's this new Oreo going to taste like? Twitter users listed off familiar fall flavors, including butternut squash, maple, and pumpkin pie. Others hoped for the return of their personal favorite, the pumpkin spice Oreo. (Fun fact: There's actually a scientific reason you can't get enough of pumpkin spice, so something pumpkin- or pumpkin spice-related would make sense)

Instagram users were similarly excited about the Oreo hint. One hopeful person wrote, "I know it's not, but I wish it could be sweet potato pie flavor." Others begged for the return of pumpkin spice, though perhaps just as many people asked for the new Oreo to be anything but pumpkin spice. But regardless of what the new flavor is, fans just seem happy to be part of the fun.