Reddit Is Outraged At The Current Price Of Costco Chicken Nuggets

Anyone who has set foot in a grocery store since last year has likely recognized the price hikes that have taken place. Inflation is at a record high, recently reaching 9.1%, and people's wallets are feeling the effects; most items on shelves, both perishable and nonperishable, have seen some kind of uptick.

Chicken also hasn't escaped the impacts of inflation. The popular meat, which is known for being an affordable alternative to choices such as steak or seafood, has seen a substantial increase since 2021. According to NPR, chicken prices rose by 16.4% between April 2021 and April 2022. Though inflation is a big cause, a bird flu outbreak has also affected prices. The nonprofit outlet reported that prices will likely continue to climb by as much as 18% in 2022.

Consumers have noticed that one Costco chicken product in particular appears to have experienced a major price hike: the Just Bare brand chicken nuggets.

Costco's chicken nuggets are surprisingly expensive

According to a Reddit thread, Costco's chicken nuggets have seen a serious price increase, and they're now selling for $21. The original poster photographed a 64-ounce bag of Just Bare's lightly breaded chicken nuggets with the caption, "Gonna try out the $21 chicken nuggets." Though $21 might not seem that unreasonable for an eight-pound bag of chicken, other users commented to say that the cost has nearly doubled.

"My first bag was $11," one user wrote in response. Though the original poster didn't disclose their location, someone corroborated the $21 price, saying they "paid this as well in Southern California."

Other people took to the thread to discuss Costco's increase in other products' prices, too, with one commenter claiming the "healthy" products appear to have been marked up. "I used to buy the Healthy Noodles for sub $10. Last time I went to Costco, they were up to $18." Another person commented that the store's almond cereal is up to $13.

Though Costco's wholesale items are more expensive because of the size of the products, they've always been cheaper, relatively speaking, than what you can find shopping at a traditional grocery store (via The Sun). Despite the price hike, users seem to love these nuggets, with someone saying they're "really good" and "still worth the expensive price."