Costco's Unexpected Chicken Nugget Shortage Has Fans Upset

Costco's shelves lay barren of Just Bare Chicken Nugget bags. "You buy a thing, like it and wanna keep buying it and it's gone," a person wrote on Reddit, bemoaning the missing meat blobs and rejecting the alternative "Perdue Panko Breaded Pink Slime" outright. However, lest you, dear reader, foresee futures bereft of such a product, a self-proclaimed freeze driver gave the most likely explanation: "I can almost guarantee it's just a problem with keeping up with demand. Those things fly off the shelves nowadays." After all, if everyone likes and buys a product, then that product will move off the shelves quickly.

In fact, this is not the first time this year Costco has run out of this brand of chicken nuggets. After their viral debut in January, they disappeared because they apparently taste exactly like those sold at Chick-fil-A. So, while it is unfortunate that we cannot consume fast food grade nuggets at an even cheaper price, we can expect their return if for no other reason than that everyone wants to buy them.

An alternative to your chicken nugget craving

An indefinite time is worse than a definite long time, however, as we wait in constant expectation and disappointment. So, we should find some kind of chicken nugget product to hold us over. Fortunately for those in Los Angeles, a couple days before people began to notice that the Bare Chicken bags were missing, Costco partnered with Field Roast to sell plant-based chicken nuggets. This is the same plant-based company that has teamed up with Little Caesars and the Los Angeles Dodgers, so we can expect some quality. 

Unfortunately for the rest, as Vegconomist noted, they will only be sold in the Los Angeles area. Of course, if Chick-fil-A not being open on Sundays does not bother us, we could simply turn to them. As Delish writes, the two foods taste exactly the same. Or, we can hold our noses and buy Perdue's offering. That is, if we really need to fill that craving.