Keebler And Nintendo Just Teamed Up On A Limited-Edition Cookie

Picture this: You're a kid. You arrive home from school, toss your backpack into your room, then grab a snack and jump in front of your Nintendo game console. But instead of any old snack, it's ... a Nintendo-themed cookie? Though you might have appreciated something of the sort when the Nintendo 64 was popular, Keebler and Nintendo think it's better late than never. The two companies have just partnered to bring a limited-edition Nintendo cookie to the market — no cheat code required.

While the brand was recently called out by CNBC for subjecting customers to shrinkflation, Keebler is best known for a number of things, such as its famous Keebler Elves and iconic Fudge Stripe cookies. Now, though, the striped cookies are getting a quick makeover in the form of a popular Nintendo video game. Here's what to know about the new treat (and how to get your hands on some).

Keebler's Mario Kart cookies bring snacks and video games together

On August 2, the two corporations announced the debut of Mario Kart Fudge Stripes Rocky Road cookies. The new cookie partnership takes a typical Fudge Stripe dessert and turns it into a Rocky Road-flavored snack. 

According to Food Business News, to create the Nintendo theme, the cookies contain patterns of stars and lightning, which pay homage to the "power up" elements often rewarded when the in-game driver hits an item box. For the rocky road part, the cookie has a shortbread base flavored with almonds and chocolate, and the traditional fudge topping is marshmallow flavored instead. The cookies will be on Walmart shelves in mid-August and available elsewhere nationwide on September 3.

Nintendo has been digging into the food world recently with its partnerships. In July 2022, the gaming company announced it had also recently partnered with Cold Stone Creamery to release three new Nintendo-themed flavors. And back in 2019, the brand worked with Kraft to create a line of limited-edition Nintendo Lunchables.