The Fan-Favorite Aldi Item Reddit Can't Stop Drooling Over

Grocery giant Aldi, originally based in Germany, has expanded not only around Europe but around the world, including here in the United States. It was just recently named the most popular grocery store in the U.K. and it's not hard to understand why (per WalesOnline). Whether you know it as just an affordable grocery store, the store that makes you bring a quarter for a cart, or the store that makes you pack your own groceries up, many people appreciate what Aldi does best: selling us some amazing products for low prices. It's why there are numerous Aldi foods you have to try before you die.

Aldi has many fans across the U.S. and beyond, and Reddit is full of people who take to the social media site to discuss favorite items, best deals, and even what not to buy and why. And now the internet seems to be in a tizzy over yet another one of the supermarket's products.

People are loving Aldi's brisket

The item in question is a beef brisket from Morton's of Omaha, and the sizeable hunk of meat (nearly four pounds!) goes for around $23 according to a post on the r/pelletgrills Reddit forum. Considering brisket can command anywhere from $10 to $17 per pound (via Food52), Aldi's offering seems to be modestly priced by comparison. The ample cut already comes seasoned with salt and pepper, which might help you avoid some of the mistakes everyone makes when cooking brisket.

Redditors have written about coming across this Aldi product and creating some of their best brisket meals. One Reddit user smoked their meat to pleasing results, and fans of the product took to the comments to discuss their favorite ways to cook it. "My husband smoked the exact same brisket on his kettle last weekend. It turned out delicious!!" said burnstoastalot. Even people who have never cooked brisket before are giving it a whirl, like the Redditor who bought multiple packages. "I smoked it on my gas grill for 3 hours, and then pressure cooked it wrapped in foil for 30 minutes. It was pretty darned good! Not bad at all for a first attempt. I've got the other one in the freezer and am planning to cook it the same way soon." If you end up getting your hands on one and want to make sure you cook it right, Robert Irvine has five steps for perfect brisket.